Notes from Equitana in Essen, Germany and From My Inbox: All the Way From Australia and South Africa

I am writing from from Essen, Germany where I am presenting at Equitana, the world’s largest and first international equine expo:

I very much enjoy the enthusiastic emails that reach me over the internet from around the world. In November my sister, Robyn Hood, presented at the Australian Equitana and taught several workshops around the country. Robyn and her husband, Phil Pretty have a herd of more than 100 Icelandic horses at their farm in Vernon, British Columbia. Robyn, now often assisted by their daughter, Mandy Pretty, teaches TTEAM and TTouch workshops around the globe. Linda Crestani sent us a follow-up from one of Robyn’s recent trainings in the land down under often called Oz. Check out Robyn’s websites at and TTEAM Canada.

Mar 15, 2009, Linda Crestani wrote:

Warm greetings Linda and Robyn,
Here are some photos of Annie (Ancestry) at five days old, already TTouching is underway! I apologise for the delay in sending. Annie is now seven weeks and thriving. She is exhibiting the most animated trot and flying changes,and enjoys her ttouch sessions daily. A most friendly and lovely temperamented foal which I believe is due at least in part to TTouch.
I had a success story following the TTouch method of trailer loading on Saturday. My black 2 year old filly has not been shown for some time due to her explosive kicking and rearing when previously floating. She came here last May suffering pneumonia, transported interstate. Finally healthy, on trailer loading she would calmly enter the float (trailer) then without warning rear or lash out behind. After catching one of her rear kicks to the chest, I decided to stop floating (trailering) her until a safer way (without force ) could be found. Along came Robyn and ttouch at the Canberra clinic, along with Ro Jelbart’s assistance. Thank you Robyn for the excellent session on trailer loading with the Brumby mare “Sally.” Many thanks to Ro Jelbart for her practical sessions with her own horses she allowed me to stand in on. On Saturday I was able to load my filly safely, allowing her to walk up the ramp and load herself with a “walk on!” (dingo) with a tap on the croup. No pulling or head holding or any restraint. She did walk on perfectly by herself and floated perfectly to the show an hour away. Well she was calm and brilliant and won Champion Cob mare and returned home again without drama. The return trailer loading even easier. The “bad fear” cycle had been broken, thanks to the skills TTouch has given me. If a friend had not witnessed it all, no one would have believed it to be the same horse.
Thank you all so much again.

From horses in Australia to cat ambassadors in South Africa:

Today I received an email from a friend of Lily Merklin’s. Lily one of our German TTEAM/TTouch Instructors for horses and is also trained in psychology. She is working on a doctoral dissertation that includes work with cats in prison settings. Lily’s friend “Rhona”, (not her real name) has been working with prisoners in South Africa who are allowed to keep cats during their incarceration. Lily wrote to “Rhona” to see if we could meet when I am in South Africa in April. As it turns out, Rhona has apparently been including TTouch with her kitty work for years since attending a weekend workshop with Eugenie Chopin. Eugenie is a TTouch Practitioner 3 and heads the South African Tellington TTouch Training. Check out Eugenie’s brilliant website loaded with inspiring TTouch stories.

Rhona’s correspondence to Lily:

Am thinking of you often and would love to get a copy of your dissertation. I was so excited when you contacted me as I believe there are no international boundries if it comes to animal lovers – and every thing we do has huge effect if done with right intentions. Just had a most wonderful lady from Paris visit me last week. She volunteers for a rescue organisation there.

Linda Tellington Jones – one of my all time heroes!!! I am absolutely delighted to know you mentioned me. Just knowing this makes me very happy and proud.

I did the local TTouch 2 day workshop years ago – I think in 1999 – with Eugenie Chopin. It changed my approach to my pets. I purchased the video at the time and circulate it all the time to all my rescue friends. It is now worn to shreds.
Also purchased the book : Getting In TTouch with your cat ….use it all the time. First question I ask anyone who wants to help … have you heard of TTouch???
I help feral/stray cats – the prison cats are just one of many many colonies I try and help – the TINY bits of TTouch I know make a HUGE difference.
Have just set up a small unit of a new property of a local rescue organisation to house pregnant/new mommy cats – often very stressed and in need of TLC. I assist in the most desperate of areas. Cats are not popular and are used in witchcraft (sangomas).

Prison very tough but am doing my utmost to survive. The cats seem to take it in their stride….
I will forward a recent article from Cat Fancy magazine – Sandy Robins managed to get “into prison” with me last year and wrote a wonderful article.

And her email to me:

Dear Linda, wonderful to hear from you – I will do my utmost to meet you!
Your work reaches so many people and animals – it is absolutely fantastic! I can not count the animals I know who benefitted from TTouch… to add them up worldwide would be mind blowing. Thank you for bringing joy to the world, animals and people.
Have to laugh – Tribe of Tiger by Elisabeth Marshall Thomas is one of my favourite books. Love reading.

Purrs from

© 2009 Linda Tellington-Jones

© 2009, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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