Our August Teleclass Was Such A Success, We Have Scheduled Another for December! Join Us!

Because of all the positive feedback from our teleclass on Profound Interspecies Communication, Sage Lewis and I will be doing another phone-teleclass on December 1 at 8:30pm EST (5:30pm PST).

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I thought I’d share a few of the very gratifying emails Sage passed on to me afterward.

I really enjoyed listening to the dialog between you and Linda. I have two great stories of how ear work helped my colicky pony and dog who was run over. I haven’t had the opportunity to take a class/clinic on TTouch-but have all of Linda’s books etc.

Thank you for this special evening. Two hours would not be too long for me-if you do this again!

–Suzanne Dicks (I live in northern MN)

Hello Sage,

Just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU…. for making it happen tonight with Linda! It was so good to be able to listen to her firsthand (not from a video …lol) and of course, to hear your comments, questions and program guidance.

I do look forward to participate in more …I loved your puppy wolf story as well as the advices for the sixteen year old dog, as I have one that is about to turn 15 years old as well.

Blessings to you!!


–Marta (from Houston, TX; we met last April in MN training)

Hi Sage,

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the teleclass with Linda Monday evening. I will absolutely sign up for the next one and look forward to more great info! I really enjoyed your interaction with Linda and your mutual enjoyment was evident! I loved hearing your stories attesting to the difference that the TTouches can make in our lives!

Heart Hugs to You!

–Joyce Anderson


Hi Sage:

I wanted to give you and Linda a few reflections from the call.

I thought it was a great idea and I am so pleased you are having another one. It is a wonderful way to connect with everyone around the TTouch continent. I thought there was a good mixture of information and stories with really a lot of information from Linda. It was really useful as well in learning (yet again) what and how to say things to clients and the way Linda was so exact in describing the TTouches, which of course, one has to be when there is no visual input. I actually found it easier to concentrate with just the sound. I think it is so important the way Linda always comes from the heart first.

Thanks for organizing it.


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