Our Christmas Dolphin Journey

This week is so rich with Hawaiian experiences I want to share with you. At the Christmas evening musical service at our Aloha Center for Spiritual Living, Roland and I were invited to join Nancy Sweatt and a few of her friends on a dolphin swim/whale watch trip on Christmas day. Nancy is the owner/captain of the Dolphin TLC, a sweet craft that holds 6 passengers comfortably and travels fast through the water to find dolphins and whales and manta rays.

If you are visiting Hawaii and want an intimate boat for a private group check out her website at www.dolphinjourneys.com.

It was a perfect day – typical for Hawaii – with 82-degree weather and soft sun on the water. And just as we cruised out of the harbor we came upon two big turtles mating – a rare event to observe.

There is a new law in Hawaii that a boat may not get closer than 100 yards (meters) to a whale. Any captain breaking this law will be fined $130,000 – up from $10,000! So you can imagine we were very careful.

We came upon a large pod of dolphin a ways off the coast, but didn’t spend as much time as usual swimming with them, because we were so intrigued by the songs of the whales. We simply got in the warm Pacific water with our snorkels and without fins, and floated with our heads in the water listening to the serenade of the whales communicating far below us.

We had a delightful picnic, sitting in the calm water world, enjoying a light breeze, drinking sparkling almond wine with strawberries, and swapping tales in what Hawaiians call “talk story”. Nancy is a dynamo of many talents and blends her scientific background as an oceanographer with years of metaphysical study. It turned out that we had met more than 20 years ago in Colorado when we were attending an equine seminar on a ranch near Littleton, Colorado, given by a veterinarian whose name we could not recall. What a hoot! We also discovered that we have mutual friends back in Virginia where her grandparents owned a well-known horse farm and she rode with the Middleburg hunt, where I’ve also ridden. What a small world–as our trails cross from Virginia to Colorado to Hawaii. And now, thanks to the miracle of the World Wide Web, I’m communicating with you across the globe.

I’ve often found myself in the middle of a dolphin pod with more than 100 dolphin swimming by closely knit together, touching each other, rubbing bellies, mating, or circling, cavorting and leaping out of the water above me.

Captain Nancy Sweatt at the helm, easing the Dolphin TLC into the water at the Honokohau Harbor in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Her personal trainer, Martin, and her terrier, “Sailor”, stand by to help.

Captain Nancy Sweatt and her terrier, “Sailor,” Roland and me.

Roland and I floating in the blue Pacific, serenaded by the songs of the whales far below us

Roland and I took my Mom swimming with wild dolphin when she was 87 and a dolphin swam right up to her – stopped 2 feet away – and looked her straight in the eye. What a “bucket list” experience that was!

It’s an indescribable thrill to share this water world with a pod of Spinner Dolphin swimming under you, sometimes all around you or leaping high out of the water, with sparkles of sunlight flashing off their wet bodies. At times I have experienced dolphins playing all around me, dropping leaves for us to pick up, and interacting with obvious joy. If you want more dolphin pictures go to www.sunlightonwater.com. This is the boat we go out on with our larger groups

It’s a thrill to share this water world with a pod of Spinner Dolphin leaping out of the water, with sparkles of sunlight flashing like fireworks falling from the sky.

Here I am giving a Hawaiian greeting meaning “hang loose”. This is my invitation to join us in February, 2011 for a week practicing self-help, or TTouch for You and Your Dog or You and Your Horse.

If you would like to hear dolphin communication and see more play in the water, click on sunlight on water.com. This is the boat we take each year. And if you want to listen to the magic of whale songs like we were hearing, treat yourself and click: jupiter foundation.com

Imagine yourself swimming with those dolphins or floating in the deep blue sea and hearing the whales talking to each other below you!

© 2011, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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