Our Next Online Book Club: Strike A Long Trot with Shannon Weil

Strike a Long Trot by Shannon Weil

Strike a Long Trot by Shannon Weil

September 22, 2016 we’ll hold our next online book club meeting on Zoom with special guest Shannon Yewell Weil, author of Strike a Long Trot.

I am holding the intention of having several students on the Zoom session who attended Pacific Coast Equestrian Research Farm (PCERF) in the 60’s and 70’s. Shannon”s experience at our school laid the foundation for our 50 year friendship and many adventures together.

Here in Shannon’s words:

Strike a Long Trot chronicles the distinguished early career of Linda Tellington-Jones, ranging from how she began riding horses in Canada as a child to her 1961 journey on the Tevis Cup Ride to winning the Hunter Trials at California’s prestigious Pebble Beach Equestrian Center. As a brilliant educator at her Pacific Coast Equestrian Research Farm and School of Horsemanship, Linda excelled at changing many lives of varied ages. A destiny in Linda’s early life was fulfilled when she was sought by a wealthy Hungarian countess to promote her Hungarian horses, once revered as the finest warhorses in Europe. The book tells a charming story about how Linda transformed the once recalcitrant stallion Hungarian Brado from a U.S. Equestrian Team reject into a multi-disciplined champion. At the Westwind Hungarian Horse Farm, Linda continued to teach, train and show these magnificent horses. But after decades of riding, she was eager to expand her horizons and began seeking new ideas. She literally hung up her tack and competitive lifestyle and followed her heart to create what is known around the world today as the Tellington TTouch® Training Method. Strike A Long Trot is about her journey to reach new goals.

Stay tuned for our announcement of time and numbers to join the conference call for the discussion of the book!

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