Pack Your Problems in a Bundle

Over the years I have received many messages from Nature and the Fairy realm, many in the form of poems.   My home has many beautiful reminders of these inspirations.  If you are not aware of the gifts and connections available from nature spirits, check out the role they played in the development of Findhorn Foundation at  Findhorn, located in Northern Scotland, is an international spiritual center also known for growing gigantic vegetables, produced in close cooperation with nature spirits (devas).

Some of the many Fairy mementos in my home.



Fairies flitting
Through my dreams
Touch my being
Or so it seems
With magic wand
And crystal beams

They make my life
A whole lot brighter
And free my breath
When I get tighter

How can they do
The same for you
Just ask them
They will touch you too

With magic wand
And fairy glitter
Reach out the next time
You feel bitter

When problems burden you
With strife
Just ask for magic
In your life

Call in
The fairy King and Queen
Tho’ they can’t be seen
They’ll answer
In the midst of night
And put your worries
In the Light

Pack your problems
In a bundle
So fairies can then
With them trundle

Can lift them up
And fly away
When morning comes
You’ll see the day
With lighter heart
Your fears away

So don’t forget
Before you sleep
Prepare your dreams
So you can keep
Some time for them
To come along

To play with you
‘Til you belong
To the group
Of humans
Who ask for help
Whose troubles
Are lifted
By dance and joy

So remember to tell
Each girl and boy
To call the fairies
To their dreams
They’ll answer all
Or so it seems

At home at Casa Las Barrancas, 6:00 a.m., February l9, l992, sitting in my peach-colored, net-enwrapped, king-size bed, gazing through French doors onto sunlit magic of a New Mexico morning.

I’m posting again a photo of me (by Sandra Hoffman) with this fairy painting entitled The Enchanted Child by Hawaiian artist, Mary Koski ( painting represents the enchanted child within each of us. This painting always brings a smile to my lips and a prayer of gratitude for all the marvelous people and animals who touch my life.

© 2012, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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