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elele1The weekend of October 23rd I am participating in an online conference sponsored by Dogs Naturally Magazine. I am honored to be included among a collection of some of the most renowned experts in the dog world. I will be joining the conference live at 9:00 pm on Sunday, Oct 23rd from a village on the shore of Lake Constance in southern Germany.

The Natural Canine Health Symposium will be the largest online holistic canine care conference on the planet! October 23rd to 25th, 2015 will be an online, live interactive event designed to inspire you to give your dog the brilliant and long-lasting life he deserves.

Over a dozen sessions presented by the best and brightest veterinary and expert animal professional minds today with many health boosting options for your dog. It will be an amazing opportunity for learning and networking.

Join Us: Invest in the future of your dog – you won’t be disappointed!

And for a limited time you can save over 40%: Get your ticket at the Super Early Bird Discount and get all live, online sessions and recordings for 40% off. Register now before this offer expires.

Here are some of the other experts who will be presenting:

Steve Brown–Raw Done Right™

Patricia Jordan DVM–Vaccinations – Non Core

Richard Pitcairn DVM PhD–Suppression: The Bad Boy On The Block

Barbara Royal DVM CVA–Bacteria! Ugh! or Yum? From Deadly to Delicious, How to Naturally Manage Bacteria for Optimal Pet Health

Maria Ringo DHMHS CCH HOM–Bach Flower Essences

Todd Cooney DVM CVH–Vaccinosis

Peter Dobias DVM–IBD and Diarrhea

Deva Khalsa VMD–Allergy Elimination

This is going to be really fun and informative–come learn and have fun with us–you’ll want to say you were there!

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