Patching the Pain Away: Using Lifewave Pain Patches as a complement to TTouch

When Robyn first introduced me to the pain patches several years ago, I pricked
up my ears. I was impressed, but I thought, “We have TTouch, so why do we
need pain patches?” But I have changed my mind dramatically since have
seeing one remarkable example of pain relief from the IceWave patches. And
now I understand why TTouch and the pain and energy patches fit so perfectly

As in Tellington TTouch®, cell communication is recognized as an integral
function of the LifeWave Patches.

This fact is introduced on page 1 of the LifeWave Handbook and piqued my
interest the first time I had the book in my hand. It reads: “About the LifeWave

Patches …The primary method of action lies in changing the electrical potential
of the skin to improve energy production flow and cellular communication. The
patches activate acupoints to stimulate biomagnetic frequencies and send
signals to the body.”


The following story of Sandee Arndt’s 15-year old Portugese Water Dog, Gussie,
is typical of the magical changes owners are seeing with their dogs and horses
when they place these patches on the body. You just stick them on the hair and
they stay on. No shaving is necessary. There is no medication in these patches,
and as proven by more than 60 research studies, nothing measurable goes into
the body. That is why the patches could be worn by athletes in the Olympics in

LifeWave patches are unique. Unlike other pain relief patches on the market,
they do not have to be placed directly on the body. You can attach them to a
collar of a dog or cat, or halter of a horse, or on the clothing of a person.

I have seen so many phenomenal examples of pain relief in minutes that I feel
passionate about sharing these products and combining them with TTouch. And
LifeWave has a 100% money back guarantee. So there is nothing to lose. If it
does not work for you or your cat, dog, horse, or other animal, you will get your
money back.

This following story of Gussie is typical of my experiences.  Enjoy!

Last July, in a TTouch for Dogs training session in Littleton, Colorado, Linda put Ice Wave patches on Gussie, my 13 year old Portuguese Water Dog, who had been feeling old, arthritic and was noticeably stiff . He had spent his life as my partner in life and in agility and water competitions. Linda noticed his stiffness and put two Ice Wave patches on his back.

When we got home that evening, I decided to walk my three dogs, thinking that although I expected Gussie to be dragging behind the other two, he needed the exercise after spending his day in the x-pen. I was really surprised when instead of walking slowly behind us, he took off … in front of all of us, and when leashed he was pulling enthusiastically, looking back at me with joy! We walked further than I expected to go, and this behavior has continued to this day. I had added stairs up to my bed for him – they are now just a bother… He can jump up on his own most of the time, and is very proud of himself. Of course, if he looks and I am right there, he puts his front legs up and asks for a lift – but we both know he is capable.

Gussie feeling good with his Lifewave patches!

Gussie feeling good with his Lifewave patches!

Since that day, Gussie has worn his patches everyday – on the acupuncture points on both sides of his spine between his hip bones. They stay on his fur from the day I put them on until his next grooming when I clip them off with his coat and give him new ones when he us dry and clean. I have no idea if the patches are known to be effective for that long, but Gussie is happy and living his high drive energetic life as though he were much younger than his years. We go to a dog park regularly – his spirit amazes others – he barks at me if I don’t throw the ball quickly enough after it is returned to me!

Gussie wearing his patches.

Gussie wearing his patches.

Last week, five months after Linda applied his first patches, we hiked uphill a few miles in the snow – he was always in front of me as we went along- up hill and down.. attached are a few photos. The following day, Christmas, we hiked the same trail. I was on snowshoes and Gussie had olive oil on the hair between his pads to prevent the snowballs from forming – and he was always the leader!

I love you and I am forever grateful, Linda, 

Sandee Arndt

© 2013, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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