Profound Interspecies Connections in a small package: A mouse story

We hear many stories about TTouch being used to rescue birds who have flown against a window and been knocked unconscious, and then revived with TTouch over their whole body. I have many stories I can PIC’s that describe Profound Interspecies Connections. This could also be call a PIC, but perhaps more appropriately a Precious Interspecies Connection.


I’m writing to you as I had a very interesting experience on Friday. In the morning when I was working with some of young stallions a sudden thunderstorm rolled in and in half an hour there was good 10cm of water in the yard. As the water was rising, there were mice coming into the stall and I noticed some of them swimming across the walkway to get to a dry spot somewhere. So I noticed a really brave mouse that came across half a walkway to a little patch of shallow water but then jump back into the deeper section and swam across to the paddock in front of the stalls. I taught it was safe and waited for rain to calm down so I could run to the house to change. After about an hour I came back to work with another horse and when I opened a paddock gate I saw that brave mouse lying on the ground barely alive. In fact it looked dead but I noticed it was still breathing but just still breathing. So I picked it up, cleaned its face as it was all dirty and its eyes was opened just a little and it seemed like it’s loosing the fight. So I started doing the ear work on those little ears and some “Lick of the Cows Tongue” (as much as you can on a little mouse that’s almost dead in your hand). After about 2 minutes I noticed its breathing changed so I also did some one-fingered TTouches on her body and tiny little one-fingered “Python Lifts” on her legs which were just hanging from her body. When its breathing became even stronger and I felt its pulse on my hand, I decided not to arouse it too much as I didn’t want to bring it in another shock and I placed it in a safe spot on a sunny patch. It seemed like a tiny bundle of fur – you would never say that poor thing is alive. I did some groundwork with a youngster and after about 5 minutes I noticed mouse ran into a corner of the paddock. I checked it from a safe distance – not to scare it – and her eyes were wide open and she was breathing alright just still shaking a bit – probably from hypothermia and muscle weakness as this little thing really fought that water. I worked with a horse for another 15 minutes and as we finished I went to check on the mouse who was sitting there on the sun like every other healthy mouse would and then suddenly ran into grass.

I just thought you might like to hear another story involving TTouch with a happy ending.

Wish you all the best!

Petra*Zor from Slovenia

© 2013, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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