Rachel Allen, P1 for Companion Animals in California, Shares Her Journey to the Divine Matrix at the CELLebration

Heart Coherence is a term describing a state of being when all bodily systems are synchronized at a high performance state. When a group comes together sharing a common intention, each individual is like a tuning fork resonating to the vibration of others nearby. At the 2009 CELLebration conference in Santa Fe, NM, 77 TTouch inspired human beings experienced profound heart coherence from the moment we gathered together.  Linda Tellington-Jones, the founder of the Tellington TTouch Method and TEAM, led us to a place of higher awareness and connection through her presence, her compassion and her infinite wisdom.

Rachel Allen P1, CA and me

The church bells of the neighbouring Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi serenaded our conference with regular chimes, a melody that has been heard in downtown Santa Fe continuously since 1887. From the deck outside our conference room a statue of the Saint could be seen gracing the church entrance. In the type of synchronicity that seems commonplace with TTouch, St Francis of Assisi is historically known as the patron saint of animals. I believe we all felt his presence as our conference delved deeply into the realm of compassion for and communication with animals.

St. Francis of Assisi

Presenters from Canada, the US and Germany delivered enticing seminars on topics ranging from the practical and scientific to the spiritual and divine. A few of the topics that were visited included techniques for managing fearful, reactive and aggressive behaviour in dogs. A veterinarian from Germany gave a detailed presentation on hormones and disease in dogs and horses, focussing on explaining hyper and hypothyroidism. We entered into an Animal Assisted Interventions Program that has helped inner-city children and teens gain self-confidence and communication skills through respectful contact with animals. We were taken through 27 years of TTouch programs that have helped children learn about themselves and gain compassion for animals all over the world. A touching presentation brought awareness to the concept of hospice for our animal friends who are in their end-stages of life. Through meditation we were taken on a journey into the world of animal communication. A heart-warming slideshow demonstrated the existence of interspecies communication the world over.

The most important gifts of learning that I have brought home with me are not of the kind that can be taken down as notes in my book. While I did learn valuable techniques and information that will help me with my clients, the most significant learning I received was the integration of some key concepts into my own being. We must acknowledge that we are all connected, quite literally, through our electromagnetic fields. Linda speaks of the Divine Matrix, a web throughout the universe on which we all exist. Each thought we have, each emotion we allow ourselves to experience impacts that web in either a positive or negative way. What are we choosing to put out to the universe?

Becoming mentally and energetically ‘ready’ before we begin the work is an essential component of TTouch. This involves clearing our minds of all thought and connecting ourselves to the grounding energies of the Earth. We must be 100% present for TTouch to have a maximum effect. The idea of intention is one that I always discuss in my workshops, however, I did not fully appreciate its significance until I witnessed what it can do. Linda uses the phrase, “Remember your perfection,” with each circle she performs. She literally speaks to the cells of the body through her intention. It is crucial to be able to see each being at their highest potential. This means clearly visualizing the desired behaviour or level of health that we are looking for. We must be able to feel it and experience it as if it has already happened. When performing the work, we need to consider our own reactions to what we see. The most successful practitioners have trained themselves to not react at all. After the moment of witnessing an unwanted behaviour or a decreased level of health, most of us react (outwardly or inwardly) with emotions such as fear, pity, sadness or anger. These reactions cannot be disguised. But what if we choose to meet fear with self-confidence or reactivity with stillness? When we demonstrate appropriate emotions or behaviours it is easier for the animals to make the desired change.

What inspired me the most at CELLebration to take my journey with TTouch to the next level was the people. Everyone was at a different place with TTouch in their lives, but there were similarities of character that were impossible to overlook. A selfless devotion to the work and to the animals (and people) whom they help was a common thread connecting everyone. Some practitioners have dedicated decades of their lives to increasing the awareness of the need for the world to see animals as equals, treating them with respect and dignity. Others have dramatically improved the wellbeing and standard of living of animals and people by performing the work with passion and dedication. Each day was filled with touching and almost unbelievable stories and of how TTouch has changed lives and improved situations.

By the time that Linda led the closing ceremonies on the final day, each one of the participants had experienced an incredible journey. We were touched, moved, inspired and motivated. And as for the heart coherence we created over those magical four days? It didn’t diminish after we all went our separate ways. When we are united with a common vision of raising vibrations through gentleness and kindness, we truly do have the power to change the world.

Rachel is a P1 for Companion Animals living on beautiful Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. TTouch has been in her life for about 4 years. She left a career in health care two years ago to begin a home business teaching workshops, holding presentations and working with clients. Rachel travels the mid and southern communities on Vancouver Island spreading the TTouch work and promoting compassion for animals wherever she goes. “TTouch has changed my life and the lives of all the animals I know. What a blessing to have this gift at my fingertips.” Rachel is also a freelance writer contributing TTouch and animal related articles to a local community focussed magazine, The Beacon. She lives in Victoria with her wonderful husband, Chris, their soon-to-be first child, and her beloved canine companion Maximus.

Rachel Allen and her canine companion, Maximus

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