Raffi’s Goodbye: TTouch and Palliative Care

Over the past 28 years since the magical circles we call Tellington TTouch have come into being, we have received countless stories from grateful people who have found that TTouch reduces fear and pain during the final stages of transition from this life to the next – the passage that Hawaiians refer to as “changing address”; and others refer to as “crossing the Rainbow Bridge”. May this poignant story of Raffael aid and support you during the transition of a beloved family member .
Linda (from Rockville, Maryland, June 2nd, 2011)

Susanne Lederer & Raffi, December 5, 2008

Dear Linda!
Yesterday I had to say my final goodbye to my 30-year-old beloved horse Raffael. In a great cooperation of a homeopathic veterinarian and Tellington TTouch, Raffael could die peacefully and without pain although diagnosed severe colic. Attached you find a close description of last nights happenings with the title “Raffael´s last goodbye-A case report on how Tellington TTouch can offer a valuable terminal care” , because I feel that the world should know about the incredible possibility of palliative care and terminal care for animals and humans with Tellington TTouch.
–Susanne Liederer, Vienna

Raffael in early 2011

A case report on how Tellington TTouch can offer a valuable terminal care
Raffael was a 30 year old chestnut horse. After a rainy night on the grazing land in May, he suddenly suffered from a severe circulatory collapse and colic. When I arrived at the stable, he got infusions of electrolytes. When I touched him, he felt very cold and suffered from pain. His stomach was tight and his organs did not work properly anymore. But most of all, I recognized, that he was afraid. He felt, that something was happening, but was kind of overstrained with himself, the pain and the situation with people standing around him. I immediately started with Tellington TTouches on his tight stomach and waited for Martin and Tanja to arrive. Months before, I have already talked through such an emergency with my veterinarian, a genious in homeopathy and holistic veterinary medicine, so he had not injected any kind of invasive medicine so far.

When Martin and Tanja arrived, and people left, we started the Tellington work, and immediately felt, that Raffael had not yet made his decision what to do. During the next 5 hours, after the Vet left for other patients, he received Tellington TTouch. The energy in the stable changed significantly from confused to calm and reflective. In a Tellington TTouch break, when everybody left except of me, Raffael started an amazing conversation with me, while I was sitting in his stall. We shared pictures, like a movie, from all stations of our graceful, wonderful shared years. I saw them from his point of view, and received so much love and devotion, and sent those feelings right back to him. After this movie, he looked me straight into my eyes, his whole being seemed much more grounded by now, and seemed to ask :“But what about you?“ I answered, that it was about him only now, and that his decision would be the right one, for everybody. The Tellington work had not only calmed Raffael so far, but also myself. After one hour break, we started the Tellington- TTouch once more. When the veterinarian came back, he had to diagnose, that his condition of the colic got worse in the medical point of view, but that he had no explanation and previous experience with a horse in such a painfree and calm condition correlated with such a severe colic in a dying process. After one more hour of an excellent cooperation of homeopathy, medicine and Tellington, we finally sent the Vet away, and refused any surgical or invasive intervention.

When we left Raffael in his stall around ten o´clock in the night, we did so, because he clearly asked for it. He stood there in his being with such an incredible, peaceful,painfree and holistic energy, that we knew, he could say his last goodbye to his life in harmony. It was around three o´clock in the morning, when everyone of us, who helped him through his last night, woke up and felt him saying „thank you and goodbye“. Before that, he visited me as an incredible light of peace to bring me back my soul dues, I have given him as a child, many years ago.
He died sleeping and peaceful in his stall that night.

This groundbreaking experience of my own, that Tellington TTouch is a method to provide a palliative care and terminal care to die in peace with oneself in a world of pushing and pulling shall be shared with everyone who is searching. Every living being has the right to die as peaceful and strong as Raffael did tonight. I will give anything it takes to promote this work in order to establish it in every medical palliative care, human and veterinarian.
My deepest gratitude to Linda, Martin and Tanja for their healing hands and my husband Thomas for being there.

Raffael- you lived your life as a legend, and this legend will go on.


© 2011, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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