Rayne and I writing to you all on Jan 4, 2009.

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Note my sleeveless top. I can be comfortable in this because of a perfect 80 degree Temperature and a light tropical breeze – typical Kona weather in January. I’m very juiced with energy as we head into this 9th year of 21st millennium and looking forward to sharing my experiences with you.

I want to introduce you to the special objects on my writing table that I keep for support and inspiration.



1.a vase of orchids to bring joy.
2. a globe of the world I use to visualize sending Heart Hugs around the planet to all who share my journal.
3. an angel at the base of the globe (gifted to me by “cultural creative” wonderwoman Teresa Cottarelli-Guenther, certified Swiss TTouch Practitioner for horses, humans and dogs. Teresa has earned her upgrade to Practitioner 3 for Companion Animals at the Swiss Advanced Companion Animal Training in September when she gave me this angel.)
4. an eagle feather lying along the feet of the angel, lent to me by my friend, Native-American Ramona Sierra–a clinical social worker and “horse whisperer” who believes whenever all beings connect, a foundation is provided to explore one’s own relationship with self and with others. (check out her website at www.sierraearthworks.org. I am carrying the feather for ceremony in Maui for the Wisdom University sponsored “Indigenous Mind program,” developed by Dr. Apela Colorado, a pioneer, recognized leader and Elder in the field of Indigenous Mind.

I have been asked to share the wisdom I have received from trees and rocks and other earth being who are also a part of our heritage. (See below the Morton Bay Fig Tree message, which I consider vital to the understanding of our Interspecies Connections.

5. I keep a candle burning as I write, to help me to hold the image of light and life force in the cells of Nanka, (an Arabian gelding who has been injured and is in need healing support) and several friends who have requested prayer support today.

6. On the right of my computer is a disk of photos from the photo shoot with Gabrielle Boiselle for a new cover for the German version of my TTouch for Your Dog book.

7. to the left of my computer is my breakfast hemp berry/banana protein drink.

8. under my computer is a lovely piece of orange silk cloth representing the release of karma.

9. is my trusty computer named Spirit.
10. is my companion and keeper-of-the-heart, West Highland Terrier, Rayne. By the way, she wishes me to comment that she apologizes that she did not come from a shelter, because at the time Roland agreed we could not possibly live without a dog in our lives ten years ago, there were no small doggies at the Kona Humane Society shelter.

For many years my traveling companion was Bonnie, a magical Scottie who most resembled a mop-dog when I first found her. Bonnie was most likely a mix but we don’t know for sure because she simply appeared one day at a shopping center and jumped into the open door of my car, and when an advertisement in a local paper brought forth no previous grieving owners, she found her home with me and my then partner, Roger Russell. Once I had her groomed she turned into an adorable Scottie and I ever since I have yearned to know a Westie. Rayne is as wise as I had expected and is known to many meditation groups in Kona. She’s also known as the mascot at the Aloha Center for Spiritual Living – our center for the teachings of Earnest Holmes, the founder of the Church of Religious Science, which I attend with Rayne. 



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