Report From Bitterroot Ranch, Starting Young Horses Training by TTouch Practitioner 2 Penny Stone

Bitterroot horseJust returned from Wyoming and the Bitteroot Guest Ranch, high in the Absaroka Mountains, where I spent a week with Linda Tellington Jones and Robyn Hood teaching the Starting Young Horses with TTEAM clinic.

We worked with the three- and four year-olds at the ranch who are being trained to be guest horses. Each day we had a morning and afternoon session. Previous to this clinic these young horses had very minimal handling, being haltered just enough to get hoof trims and vaccinations.

By the end of the week the three-year-olds were all handling quietly, lifting all four feet and negotiating a variety of obstacles calmly and willingly. Most of them were also able to be ground driven. Many of the four-year-olds were saddled, with a few being mounted and taking their first ride.

For their graduation ceremony they were led across a 40 foot wooden bridge, which rose about 15 feet above the raging Wind River!

Having trained many young horses I continue to be amazed at the magic of the Tellington method. No bucking or rearing. No one injured and no freaked out horses. Just calm, kind, intelligent progress. If you’ve never been to a TTEAM clinic I encourage you to go. It is a life changing experience.

I’m writing this from the training in Hawaii, July 22-24. I’m here assisting Linda again! Doesn’t Hawaii and being with horses sound good about now? Let me tell you, it is!

BitterrootPenny Stone,
Tellington TTouch Practitioner Level 2

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