Sharing TTouch Memories with Shannon Weil

Here l am at Shannon’s home in Cool, California, July 2010.

Shannon is writing a book about her experiences as a student with Wentworth Tellington and me at the Pacific Coast Equestrian Research Farm. She writes that she did not realize when she signed up for the 9 month course in 1969 that our experiences together would span 40 years!

Since she graduated from our equestrian program, we have continued to work and play together. Shannon was the support for her then husband, Phil Gardner on the bicentennial “Great American Horse Race” from Syracuse, New York to Sacramento, California in the summer of 1976 when I was the international coordinator of that race. We share many hilarious memories of that time.

She was the director of Tellington TTouch Training in Santa Fe in 2001 and organized a very successful 10 days of seminars I taught for the International Japanese Racing Association in Tokyo.

To have her now putting together the history of our Pacific Coast Equestrian Research Farm is a special gift, because most people have no idea about the scope or content of our international equestrian program that educated students from 9 countries and 36 states. I’m looking forward to reporting Shannon’s progress to you all.

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