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Pono Pono: Just Three Minutes

A week after Valentine’s Day, at Aloha Center for Spiritual Living, a Science of Mind Church, the Hawaiian spiritual teacher Aunty Mahealani Henry led the service, saying that we do not have to wait until 2012 for the cosmic.

We are in it now. And the biggest lessons we have to focus on are forgiveness and compassion. One of the Hawaiian concepts of Pono Pono that Aunty teaches is striving for excellence in living and eliminating drama in our lives. Until now she has taught that whenever we are faced with a traumatic event we could acknowledge it for 3 minutes, really address the drama for 3 minutes, and then let it go. Now she teaches that we should give any drama 3 seconds! And then go back to a state of excellence or deep appreciation, gratitude and thanksgiving. That gives me lots of food for thought and a striving to keep my heart open and practice that state of gratitude that brings happiness.

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Valentines Day 2009 – The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Dear friends and TTouch Family, The following “heads-up” about the dawning of the age of aquarius was emailed to Robyn and me by Brigitte Heyer, one of our TTouch practitioners down-under in Oz (Australia). Brigitte attended my TTEAM trainings in Germany many years ago and gifted me with a tile with a horse drawn on […]

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