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A Japanese Monk Sent this Prayer Request On Behalf of the People and Creatures of Japan

I am just heading off to the Aloha Center for Spiritual Living which teaches the philosophy of Science of Mind, founded by Ernest Holmes. The following core concept is from the Ernest Holmes book “How to Change Your Life” with a foreword by Reverend Dr. Michael Beckwith. These teaching were founded in the 1950’s and […]

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Pono Pono: Just Three Minutes

A week after Valentine’s Day, at Aloha Center for Spiritual Living, a Science of Mind Church, the Hawaiian spiritual teacher Aunty Mahealani Henry led the service, saying that we do not have to wait until 2012 for the cosmic.

We are in it now. And the biggest lessons we have to focus on are forgiveness and compassion. One of the Hawaiian concepts of Pono Pono that Aunty teaches is striving for excellence in living and eliminating drama in our lives. Until now she has taught that whenever we are faced with a traumatic event we could acknowledge it for 3 minutes, really address the drama for 3 minutes, and then let it go. Now she teaches that we should give any drama 3 seconds! And then go back to a state of excellence or deep appreciation, gratitude and thanksgiving. That gives me lots of food for thought and a striving to keep my heart open and practice that state of gratitude that brings happiness.

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Rayne and I writing to you all on Jan 4, 2009.

Note my sleeveless top. I can be comfortable in this because of a perfect 80 degree Temperature and a light tropical breeze – typical Kona weather in January. I’m very juiced with energy as we head into this 9th year of 21st millennium and looking forward to sharing my experiences with you.

I want to introduce you to the special objects on my writing table that I keep for support and inspiration.

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