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Jasmine the Rescue Dog: Cared for to Carer

 I am frequently asked some thought-provoking questions. “Do I believe that animals are capable of emotions like we humans?” The answer is yes. Some poignant memories that come to mind in response to that question:Our Great Dane, Tiger’s obvious look of guilt when he ate a whole roast beef I had foolishly left on the […]

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Josie Overcomes Aggression Toward Other Dogs With the Help of a “Stuffie”

I’m sometimes asked if I ever get tired of hearing the stories about animals whose lives are changed by Tellington TTouch® Training. The answer is a clear, “Definitely not”. The stories and feedback are what keep me inspired and passionate about sharing the work. So I would love to hear any of your stories no […]

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Padme and Leia’s First TTouch Experience: A Tellington TTouch® Certification Case Study

I had lovely feedback about my piece on “Miracles” in my New Years/Christmas letter and I’ve been thinking a lot about the subject ever since. We see so many seeming-miracles in the TTouch with all species. A requirement of the Tellington TTouch® certification training for Companion Animals is to write up case studies on dogs […]

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Nancy Kay, DVM

Dr. Nancy Kay’s Guidelines for Finding a Reputable Dog Breeder

In 2008 I had the pleasure of visiting with Dr. Nancy Kay when she spent a day at my horse training in Sonoma country. I was very impressed with the depth of her knowledge and her wonderful attitude. I have her permission to reprint her latest blog post on tips for choosing a dog to […]

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