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Let’s Celebrate What’s Right with the World!

To celebrate the beauty in our world is to contribute to that very beauty.

On of my favorite bedside reading treasures is the precious little Book of Uncommon Prayer by Dr. Ruth L. Miller in which she writes,

Deepak Chopra calls the Quantum Field ‘the field of infinite possibilities,” and says that “when we achieve the stillness of the prayer state we are directly participating in that field and helping shape the forms that emerge out of it.”

I believe that by acknowledging the beauty that Dewitt Jones* portrays with his photos, and taking time to achieve the stillness as we contemplate “what is right with the world,” we are co-creating that field of beauty and infinite possibilities.

It is my pleasure to share this inspiring video, celebrating What is Right with the World from The Healing Wheel: The Online Magazine for Seekers of Spiritual and Universal Truth.

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From My Inbox: the Power of Intention

From My Inbox: the Power of Intention

I receive so many fascinating communications from around the world, some of which I have decided to share here (with permission from the sender). Here is one from Richard Newton who is a TTEAM/TTouch Practitioner and works as a volunteer for a therapeutic riding program in the San Francisco area.

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