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Patching the Pain Away: Using Lifewave Pain Patches as a complement to TTouch

When Robyn first introduced me to the pain patches several years ago, I pricked up my ears. I was impressed, but I thought, “We have TTouch, so why do we need pain patches?” But I have changed my mind dramatically since have seeing one remarkable example of pain relief from the IceWave patches. And now […]

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Rayne has settled down after a couple of minutes wearing the body wrap.

TTouch and the Thundershirt Team Up to Calm Anxious Dogs on the 4th of July

With Tellington TTouch® on the ears we have been drastically reducing dogs’ fear of fireworks and thunder. It’s most effective to do two or three short TTouch sessions when your dog is not afraid and takes just a few minutes to acquaint your dog with the feeling of TTouch on the ears. For fear of […]

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Sharing the Den

Even over all the years in between when Brigitte and I were not in touch, I have treasured a gift from her: a handmade tile depicting a rearing horse. I think of her every day when I look at it in my kitchen. Brigitte, like all of you out there, have been a part of my life all these years.

I’d like to share with you some words Brigitte wrote to me recently about the role of animals in her life.

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Nancy Kay, DVM

Dr. Nancy Kay’s Guidelines for Finding a Reputable Dog Breeder

In 2008 I had the pleasure of visiting with Dr. Nancy Kay when she spent a day at my horse training in Sonoma country. I was very impressed with the depth of her knowledge and her wonderful attitude. I have her permission to reprint her latest blog post on tips for choosing a dog to […]

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