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TTouch Ear Work and the Trigeminal Nerve

This is fantastic validation for what happens when we do Ear TTouch. You will be happy you took the time once you begin Touching your ears with new awareness!! According to Elinor Silverstein in her blog post, The trigeminal nerve is the largest cranial nerve of the total 12 cranial nerves coming from the brain. […]

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And Like Any Great Athlete, She Prepared for Competition by Receiving a Vigorous Ear Rub. … Wait, What?

Watching the Russian coach rubbing the ears of Olympic skater, Julia Lipnitskaia before her short program Wednesday night was no surprise to anyone knowing about the regenerating effects of the Tellington TTouch® on the ears of human and animal athletes. The Ear TTouch® (rubs) help calm and focus people as well as animals.  Here is […]

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A Veterinarian’s Perspective: TTouch Ahead of Its Time

We know how effective the Tellington TTouch® Training can be for enhancing behavior, performance, and well-being, as well as developing a really special connection between horses and humans. For over 30 years we have received countless success stories from horse folks from around the world which have been recorded in the TTEAM Connections Newsletter published […]

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Harold the Labrador – Another TTouch Success Story

  We frequently see such remarkable changes in the behavior of dogs in a few sessions that it seems miraculous. The shift in Harold’s behavior created just such a miracle for his human family! In each week-long Tellington TTouch Training for Companion Animals we include a “client day” when local folks are invited to bring […]

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Touch N Paws, TTouch N Ears, Saving Lives

I really want to share with you this wonderful story sent to me by a client of one of our most active practitioners-in-training, Linda Troup, of Touch N Paws in southern California. LeeAnne Galasso relates her experience of using ear TTouch to save her dog’s life. It is quite hair-raising. Before reading, enjoy the slide […]

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TTouch Seminar for Horses, Slovenia

Slovenia is spectacularly beautiful. We had 98 for the horse demo!! Darja has been writing articles about TTEAM and Animal Ambassadors for years. This year alone she had articles and a half page ad in the leading horse magazine. Let’s Ride and TTouch for Dogs Translated into Slovenian Darja did an amazing job of organizing […]

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