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A Veterinarian’s Perspective: TTouch Ahead of Its Time

We know how effective the Tellington TTouch® Training can be for enhancing behavior, performance, and well-being, as well as developing a really special connection between horses and humans. For over 30 years we have received countless success stories from horse folks from around the world which have been recorded in the TTEAM Connections Newsletter published […]

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Helping Horses: The Magic of Ear TTouches

My last blog entry described some instances in which TTouch was an invaluable tool for people suffering from asthma.  Writing about those experiences reminded me of one that involved a horse who essentially suffered an asthma attack of his own and was relieved by the magic of TTouch. Four years ago Roland and I were […]

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Touch N Paws, TTouch N Ears, Saving Lives

I really want to share with you this wonderful story sent to me by a client of one of our most active practitioners-in-training, Linda Troup, of Touch N Paws in southern California. LeeAnne Galasso relates her experience of using ear TTouch to save her dog’s life. It is quite hair-raising. Before reading, enjoy the slide […]

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