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TTouch in the Dressage Realm: Twenty Years of success with Klaus Balkenhol

  Equitana is very successful once again. Klaus Balkenhol had a marvelous seminar with more than 5000 people Monday evening. His voice and his connection to the horse and rider and to all of us watching with fascination was both inspiring and educational. He mentioned that he is always learning and that he has worked […]

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From My Email: Memories Of Equitana

At last year’s Equitana in Essen, Germany, I had the pleasure of working with Meyke Kalms’ endurance horse Risa. She just wrote to let me know she and Risa would be there again this year. It’s a huge disappointment that I will not be able to be there. Dear Linda, Do you remember the Equitana […]

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I’m Sorry to Report I Won’t Be at Equitana This Year

I’m so disappointed to tell you that I will not be able to attend Equitana this year due to a problem with my teeth. I’ve been a featured presenter since the 1970’s. Bibi Degn will be giving the demos in my place and at my stand in Hall 1. You can get advice from Tellington […]

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