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Dopamine Levels in Your Brain Are Directly Affected by Your Perception

Tellington TTouch Instructor Eugenie Chopin in South Africa sent me this article by Stephan Gardner from Collective Evolution about dopamine. “There are a lot of articles on the internet about dopamine and how it affects your mood, behavior, energy, and focus. What’s not commonly spoken about, however, is how dopamine is affected by your perception.” […]

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So A WartHog Walks Into A Bar…

This is a rather unusual example of Interspecies Connections. This wild Wart Hog comes into a bar in Zimbabwe on cold nights, grabs a pillow and sleeps in front of the fire, not the least bit bothered by customers. What a clear demonstration of intelligence -“the ability to adapt to new situations (and changing environments!!) […]

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Dr. Karen Becker

Feline-Friendly Handling Guidelines

It’s encouraging to see how widely spread Tellington TTouch is becoming. Eugenie Chopin, who heads our TTouch Programs in South Africa, sent me the following article. Ear TTouches and for your kitty and Heart Hugs for yourself can make the visit to your vet a happy experience. Here’s an excerpt. You can read the whole […]

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