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22 Days After New Years’ Fireworks Trauma, Lakshmi Gets TTouch Relief

I want to share with you the story of Lakshmi, a beautiful dog who is bolted from her home on New Year’s eve and ran for many miles. She ran so far so fast that she wore her pads down. As you will read below, Lakshmi was still stressed when I met her this past […]

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Rayne has settled down after a couple of minutes wearing the body wrap.

TTouch and the Thundershirt Team Up to Calm Anxious Dogs on the 4th of July

With Tellington TTouch® on the ears we have been drastically reducing dogs’ fear of fireworks and thunder. It’s most effective to do two or three short TTouch sessions when your dog is not afraid and takes just a few minutes to acquaint your dog with the feeling of TTouch on the ears. For fear of […]

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