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Story Stew for the Inquiring Rider

Story Stew for the Inquiring Rider

It’s challenging to describe the feeling you take home from a week-long Tellington Training so I was delighted with Kim Cox Carneal presented her unique take on the November training I taught at Skyhorse Ranch. I enjoy a team process of teaching so I always have excellent co-teachers at my trainings. As usual I had […]

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From Slovenia With Love: All About A Special String of School Horses

from Slovenia Back on the road again and finally having time to write here in my blog. I get so focused and busy when I’m home that it just doesn’t seem to happen! It’s 5:30 AM here in Slovenia at the Kaja & Grom Ranch and it just seems natural to pick up the pen […]

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Linda Tellington-Jones

Welcome to my Journal!

It was almost two years ago that I was asked to write a blog for Swiss and American Horse magazines. I was unsure because there are so many blogs on this miraculous web we have woven around the world. I could not think of a good reason to add to the galaxies of information.

What did excite me was the realization that it would be a chance to highlight so many wonderful people who are making a difference in the world – who are Changing the World, One TTouch At A Time – often directly by teaching TTouch, and often bringing their own genius to the mix. There are also many others I have the privilege to meet and I would like to share these experiences.

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