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Rave Reviews for Dressage with Mind, Body, and Soul: A 21st-Century Approach…

Dear TTouch Family! Yippee! I am so thrilled. Dressage with Mind, Body, and Soul: A 21st-Century Approach to the Science and Spirituality of Riding, Training, and Competing (Paperback) is the Book of the Month  for Dressage Today Magazine and I understand it is now available from Amazon.de and I hope Amazon Kindle too. Hilary Moore Hebert, senior editor, Dressage Today wrote:  Anyone who […]

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TTouch in the Dressage Realm: Twenty Years of success with Klaus Balkenhol

  Equitana is very successful once again. Klaus Balkenhol had a marvelous seminar with more than 5000 people Monday evening. His voice and his connection to the horse and rider and to all of us watching with fascination was both inspiring and educational. He mentioned that he is always learning and that he has worked […]

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Great Memories of Working With Klaus Balkenhol

Planning for my presentation at Xenophon has stirred up wonderful memories of working with Klaus. I am happy to share photos of the two of us and his fabulous horses with you! Check back for more as I locate them among the thousands of images on my little laptop!

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An Excerpt from the Biography of Klaus Balkenhol

An Excerpt from the Biography of Klaus Balkenhol

I think it’s very interesting that, given my plans to meet with the other members of Xenophon in October, this quote from Klaus’ biography came across my desk again this week. In order to better understand Gracioso’s, Goldstern’s, and Farbenfroh’s neuroses, he [Klaus Balkenhol] turned to world-renowned horse trainer and animal behaviorist Linda Tellington-Jones, whose […]

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I’m Presenting At Xenophon in Unna, Germany in October!

I am so pleased to announce I’ll be giving a dressage clinic on October 13th in Unna, Germany, sponsored by Xenophon. “Correct riding is enough” – Xenophon shows how to realize the citation of the common trainer Paul Stecken – for the health and wellbeing of the horse and rider. It will be exciting to […]

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Rollkur, Hyperflexion, LDR (Low, Deep & Round)

Much has been written since 2001 on the Rollkur/Hyperflexion debate. Recently, the tendency to ride horses in an over-flexed position of the head and neck has come into the limelight internationally thanks to YouTube. Video clips such as the Blue Tongue video have brought abusive horse training practices to the public’s attention and consciousness in […]

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September 7 SPOGA 2009 Cologne Germany: Be There!

I would like to invite you on September 7th at 1:30 p.m to visit the Dobert booth, representing Albion Saddlemakers, at SPOGA 2009 Cologne. Together with Klaus Balkenhol, filmmaker Roland Blum will present his new book, Klaus Balkenhol: Success With Sympathetic Hands. Beginning in 2005, Roland Blum made dozens of trips over hundreds of hours […]

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