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Amen to TTouch for You: From the Desks of Linda and Kate Riordan

  I was lucky to spend some time with my friend Kate Riordan before and after the Tevis Cup 100-Miles One-Day Western States Trail Ride on August 1. It was a fantastic and much-needed interlude for the both of us as we caught up on recent times and remembered old times. As you know our […]

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Lyme Disease Related to Undesirable, Unexplainable Equine Behavior

Today I asked a question on FaceBook about experience with Lyme Disease in people, which generated a lot of response. I am hoping to hear some specifics of what has actually worked to relieve the symptoms.   The issue brought to mind an experience I had years ago with a very challenging Appaloosa mare in […]

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Kindness: Seeking the Real Cause of “Misbehavior” in Horses

The word “Kindness” has not been commonly associated with the training of horses. Kindness requires a level of understanding that I believe has been missing in the field of equine behavior. In the last decade there is so much more information available to give us a better understanding of horse behavior. In 1975 I had […]

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Linda’s Tick Tip

Linda’s Tick Tip

I have a tip to share about ticks and its not about TTouching them. It’s about a new treatment when Lyme’s is suspected but the tick cannot be sent for identification. In the past it was common to take a prolonged dose of antibiotics just to be sure not to get Lyme disease.

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