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Come Along With Me to Germany and Lichtenstein!

I have been taking lots of photos of my journey and I thought you might like to see a few–it’s so colorful this time of year and the shopping is great!

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Telascica, Croatia: A Little Sailing

Telascica Nature Park, Croatia At dawn I thought I could quietly creep past Darja and Andre so as not to awaken them and enjoy the first morning light. I was pleasantly surprised to find Darja already up and making her famous thick, delicious coffee. We had moved the boat several hundred meters deeper into the […]

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Kaja & Grom Ranch, Slovenia: Inspiration

I awoke around 5 a.m. with in inspiration. In 1984 while working as a Citizen Diplomat with Esalen Soviet/American Exchange, I found that animals created connections in the former Soviet Union that brought new understanding and communication. It was at this time that I conceived of the idea of Animal Ambassadors – acknowledging animals as […]

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Introducing Baron and Baroness Vojnika

After a good night’s sleep, I awoke just before 6:00 a.m. and brought my computer down to work in the dining room so Roland could continue sleeping. Fifteen year-old Alijaz was in the kitchen getting ready to go to school with his sister, Manca. The sky was heavy with dark rain-filled clouds hanging over the […]

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