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The Miracle of Avignon

If you don’t believe in miracles perhaps this story will change your mind. It’s regarding the rescue of the 19-year old, curlyhaired dog named Buelle. Buelle is a member of the Frédéric Pignon/Magali Delgado family who looks like she may have miniature poodle and terrier blood in her veins. She is deaf and does not […]

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What We Can Learn About Phantom TTouches from A Rescued Dog: Holding the Intention of Healing and Perfection

Rather than seeing the damage to Sam, hold the vision of the repaired area and practice feeling the gratitude and joy you will feel when the healing is complete. According to Gregg Braden, that “feeling of gratitude and joy” is an important part of the the success of prayer. And whenever I work with a being, human or other animal, I hold a prayer that supports their highest good.

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