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Watch Our Online Book Club On “The Prophet”

If you haven’t already read the book, it’s not too late! Pick up a copy or download it from Amazon, and try opening it to any page. There is great wisdom to be had! Stay tuned for the announcement of our next online book club meeting.

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Tomorrow’s Online Book Club: The Beautiful, Intricate Web of Energy and Spirit Available Through Books

Get set for our Online Book Club Meeting tomorrow, when we discuss Kahlil Gibran’s the Prophet. Even if you have not had the opportunity to read part of it, it will be so inspiring to join us on this beautiful journey and insight. If you have participated in the online book club before, look for […]

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The Next Online Book Club on June 22: The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Dear Book Club friends, Elinor Silverstein and I are so pleased with the feedback we have been receiving from our last book club discussion with Dr. Allen Schoen on the subject of compassion. We have not had the time to really consider the next books I usually recommend at the end of the call for […]

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