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The Next TTEAM® Training for Horses In Virginia

The Next TTEAM® Training for Horses In Virginia

ay 6-10, 2009 in Middleburg, VA at Brook Hill Farm. This will be a five-day TTEAM® Training for Horses taught by Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon).
If you have a commitment to bringing your relationship with your horse to the next level, Tellington TTouch Training for Horses will take you there. Regardless of your discipline, preferred breed or level of experience, you will learn the tools and techniques that foster the magical partnership between you and your horse that most people strive for a lifetime to achieve.
A Tellington Training is a gift for both you and your horse. Why miss this opportunity? Trainings fill quickly so register soon.
Questions? Email or call 866-4-TTouch (866-488-8624). TTEAM USA can help you develop the relationship with your horse that you’ve always dreamed of.
Click to here to register.

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