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Dr. Karen Becker

Feline-Friendly Handling Guidelines

It’s encouraging to see how widely spread Tellington TTouch is becoming. Eugenie Chopin, who heads our TTouch Programs in South Africa, sent me the following article. Ear TTouches and for your kitty and Heart Hugs for yourself can make the visit to your vet a happy experience. Here’s an excerpt. You can read the whole […]

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Padme and Leia’s First TTouch Experience: A Tellington TTouch® Certification Case Study

I had lovely feedback about my piece on “Miracles” in my New Years/Christmas letter and I’ve been thinking a lot about the subject ever since. We see so many seeming-miracles in the TTouch with all species. A requirement of the Tellington TTouch® certification training for Companion Animals is to write up case studies on dogs […]

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