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Nancy Kay, DVM

Dr. Nancy Kay’s Guidelines for Finding a Reputable Dog Breeder

In 2008 I had the pleasure of visiting with Dr. Nancy Kay when she spent a day at my horse training in Sonoma country. I was very impressed with the depth of her knowledge and her wonderful attitude. I have her permission to reprint her latest blog post on tips for choosing a dog to […]

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Annual Downtime in Virginia Reveals A TTouch Success Story: Reggie the Dog

Annual Downtime in Virginia Reveals A TTouch Success Story: Reggie the Dog

The week after my May Virginia training for humans in Charlottsville, Virginia, and the weeklong TTouch training for horses with Pamela Woolley, I spent four days at the home of Pam and John Wanveer. This downtime with Pam and John has become an annual event and I have the pleasure meeting many of Pam’s regular TTouch clients with their dogs. I took this photo of Pam doing a Heart Hug on Reggie with Mike getting ready to practice, and am pleased to share Mike’s remarkable story of how Pam and TTouch made such a difference to Reggie.

Reggie’s Story

by Mike Hummel

[caption id="attachment_633" align="aligncenter" width="240" caption="Pam Wanveer doing a Heart Hug on Reggie with Mike getting ready to practice"]Pam Wanveer doing a Heart Hug on Reggie with Mike getting ready to practice[/caption]

In September of 2007 Reggie, our eight-and-a-half-year-old blue merle Australian Shepherd mix, tore a ligament in her back left leg and had surgery. Needless to say, the surgery took its toll on our formerly high energy, active pup, and her recovery was a slow arduous process filled with physical therapy at home and at the vet. Two months after surgery, right around Thanksgiving, the vet pronounced her sufficiently healed that she could resume most of her normal activities with the caveat that she still needed to build strength and stamina. We took her to one more physical therapy visit after that and looked forward to continued improvement.

We owe Pam a lot for saving Reggie’s other leg, helping rehab the damaged one, and also giving us back the Reggie we had when she was young. More affectionate, more confident, more fun than she has been in years! And Reggie loves Pam—the mere mention of her name makes both of Reggie’s floppy ears stand straight up!

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From Cat Fancy Magazine: The Cats of Pollsmoor Prison by Sandy Robins

This is a heart warming article by Sandy Robins* in CatFancy Magazine that really reveals how animals can be ambassadors for kindness and love if given the necessary assistance. In this case, Rita Brock, a South African lady who would not accept the word “no,” gave the assistance needed to bring feline animal ambassadors to a maximum secirity prison, where they helped to soften the hearts and minds of prisoners.
I am presenting this article here with Sandy’s permission.
Nestled in the foothills of the picturesque, vineyard-clad Constantiaberg Mountains in Cape Town, South Africa, in Pollsmoor Prison. The maximum security facility once housed Nelson Mandela, the country’s most famous political prisoner from the apartheid era who later became the country’s first black president. Today it houses murderers, rapists, notorious gangsters and a unique feral cat colony that impacts the lives of those around them.

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Swiss TTouch Certification Training for Companion Animals Evokes Memories of a Few Milestones in My Life

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TTouch for Dogs Seminar in Slovenia

What a day this was! Ninety-six people signed up for the dog seminar including folks from Croatia and Italy and one woman who drove all the way from Denmark with her two dogs just for the day. It was perfect weather – about 74 degrees. Andrea built wooden stands with three tiers so there was […]

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