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A Special Invitation to Share Your Stories

Please send your story (100 words or less) of how TTouch helped you personally, or how TTouch has helped another two-legged/human in your life. We will use these stories for the teleclass and in our eNews. You can email your story to Sage at Sage@DancingPorcupine.com. Please also send a copy to Linda for the TTouch […]

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From My Inbox: TTouch for Humans

From My Inbox: TTouch for Humans

Sabine is a German Companion Animal practitioner (teacher) and wrote to the yahoo group recently to ask for TTouch help for her thumb. She had an injury that resulted in a “snapping” thumb, also known as “trigger thumb” – when the two joints in the thumb pop with the slightest movement. In a recent surgery, […]

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