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Tellington TTouch Inspires Trust: A Letter from OT and TT4HC Grad Roman

Tellington TTouch Inspires Trust: A Letter from OT and TT4HC Grad Roman

I would like to share some inspiring words with you all today. I received this email from Roman who graduated from our 3 year training for Tellington Healthcare providers. He is an occupational therapist and works in a hospital. His words give me inspiration and hope and I hold the intention perhaps you, dear reader, […]

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Amen to TTouch for You: From the Desks of Linda and Kate Riordan

  I was lucky to spend some time with my friend Kate Riordan before and after the Tevis Cup 100-Miles One-Day Western States Trail Ride on August 1. It was a fantastic and much-needed interlude for the both of us as we caught up on recent times and remembered old times. As you know our […]

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Helping Horses: The Magic of Ear TTouches

My last blog entry described some instances in which TTouch was an invaluable tool for people suffering from asthma.  Writing about those experiences reminded me of one that involved a horse who essentially suffered an asthma attack of his own and was relieved by the magic of TTouch. Four years ago Roland and I were […]

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Breathing a TTouch Easier: Self-Help for Asthma sufferers

  Recently I received a query about whether or not TTouch can be effective in relieving asthma in people, and if so, how would one go about it.  The answer is yes. We have had considerable success with relieving asthma in people – with the ear work, TTouch on the feet, and on the upper […]

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TTouch for You & Your Dog in Berlin: Changing Your Mind Changes Your Dog

More than 30 dogs of all breeds, shapes, sizes and ages brought their friends (of the human variety) on the other end of the leash to attend my “TTouch for You and Your Dog” seminar in Berlin, Germany, on March 17th. TTouch teacher, Katja Kraus (official trainer to the Princess of Dubai) did an outstanding […]

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From My Inbox: From Awareness to Bliss

As I write this a few months later, I find I can easily snap into awareness of my bones and organs. And with a little effort, I can sense the communities of cells and the cellular communication. I would like to constantly tap into in that blissful oneness but while I can visualize the picture, the feeling remains elusive. Isn’t that the goal of enlightenment though? If I get there, I’ll let you know. I’m just grateful for the moment I had and to Linda for creating the possibility.

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Swiss TTouch Certification Training for Companion Animals Evokes Memories of a Few Milestones in My Life

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