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My Zambia Chimpanzee Chronicles, Part V (Sally the Horse)

3:30 PM–We drove down to Siddle’s son’s end of the ranch. Tony and Linda run the cows, 800 head of Brahma! They have a feedlot for fattening cattle and showed me the feed. A mixture of corn bran and chicken manure, which contains a very high level of protein. Tony also explained their milking style. […]

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journaling with chimps in Zambia

My 1990 Zambia Chimpanzee Chronicles, Part IV

Impressions: Clumps of chimps falling out of the trees following the crack of overloaded branches. The loud rustle of leaves as the chimps break off fruit. And behind the anthill, Harriet has been grunting, playing patticake, tickling, teasing, playing, and wrestling with Tober for over 30 minutes. The sun is shifting and it’s time to […]

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