Tales From My Life: Camel Riding in the Australian Outback

My sis, Robyn, was teaching last month in Australia and I have been dreaming of the “Transformation on the Trail” group I led many years ago with 16 intrepid women and one guy (Jessy Jessup, whom we took along to drive our bus and prepare our camping meals.)

We spent a week in the Australian Outback on a camel safari where we actually got to ride our own camels. At the end of the trip I had the thrill of competing in the Alice Springs Annual Camel Race on a regular racetrack. There were 15 of us starting, each camel with a handler. We hushed the camels down in a line and when the start gun was shot, about half the camels lept to their feet and headed full speed down the track while the other half bolted back to the barn. Fortunately, my camel headed down the track with me screaming like a banshee – Hahhhh hahhhh – at the top of my lungs and fanning the air with my arm! Don’t ask me what possessed me!

We placed 5th and I was sooo apologetic to my camel.

These pics were taken some time later for a photo shoot in the outback with National Geographic photographer and good friend, Claire Leimbeck. My camel riding friends are Susanne Cordray and Joan Ocean. If you’re into dolphins you will love Joan’s book, the Dolphin Connection: Interdimensional Ways of Living, that you can order from Amazon. The photo at left above is me flying down a long sand dune practicing for the camel race.

If you’re wondering about the colorful costumes, I asked everyone to wear “fantasy” clothes – something they could imagine themselves wearing in a dream. I’m not sure what our camels thought, but our camel driver was surely surprised when we came off that plane in the tiny Alice Springs airport looking like a flock of parrots!

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