Tellington TTouch Inspires Trust: A Letter from OT and TT4HC Grad Roman

I would like to share some inspiring words with you all today. I received this email from Roman who graduated from our 3 year training for Tellington Healthcare providers. He is an occupational therapist and works in a hospital. His words give me inspiration and hope and I hold the intention perhaps you, dear reader, will also be inspired.

email_iconDear Roman,

Thank you.
I am inspired and motivated by your thoughts and words.
Gregg Braden’s statement in his book, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief : Every thought, every feeling, every emotion and every belief effects the whole Quantum Field.
Holding that feeling to “Remember your perfection” is making a difference every time each one of us has that thought.
Would you please post your thoughts on our TTouch For You page on Facebook? Lets spread the positive and the thought that “We change the world One TTouch At A Time” each time we hold that intention with TTouch to “Remember your perfection”.

Dear Linda,

Last weekend I talked with a friend about our school time and the words trust, fear, become displeased and motivation became a connection in my brain.
How you are teaching us the Tellington Trust Touch is full of trust in us, tireless you try to make us clear the different aspects again and again and I never had the feeling of fear or the fear to become displeased. Moreover I have a feeling of safe and warm.

So I have the chance to handle by trust and not by fear. This feeling gives me the possibility to give this feeling to our clients – the trust touch and the feeling of perfection.

When I’m touching a person for the first time for a few minutes I can feel that the trust I`m giving is coming back – yeah. – it is the same when I get touched I get a lot of new trust in myself and my ideas and problems seems to be not real any longer.

Fear and Slight ( happens to us sadly to often ), the fear to become mortified/displeased is making us stiff, sick and blocks every progress and is never a good motivation to become healthy – so with the touches we can change this feelings in the completely opposite position and the good thing is – we can give the touches to ourselves too.

So in short words – thank you for the trust in me and the persons and animals you are giving.


If you are interested in TTouch for Human Healthcare or for self-help you can join me in Hawaii for our annual retreat Feb 3 to 8. For info, contact Kirsten Henry ( in our Santa Fe office. Click here to read all about it.

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