The Bitterroot Training: A Review in Photos

The intention of the Tellington Training at Bitterroot Ranch this past June was to prepare five Arabian four-year-old mares for a lifetime as safe, trusting saddle horses for the Bitterroot Ranch guests.

The second T in TTouch stands for TRUST, so it was as it always is our intention to instill in these young horses an absolute sense of trust.

The concepts of dominance, desensitizization, alpha-being, submission, disengagement of the hindquarters, and submission – common words heard in the horse world – have no place in the Tellington TTouch  education of horses.

My passion is the merging of quantum science and spirituality. Integrating the Tellington TTouch techniques with “quantum connection:”  clear intention, and supporting the natural curiosity of horses is the basis for this education.

We also hold the intention that the horses will enjoy being with us as much as we enjoy being with them.

I first came to Bitterroot ranch 27 years ago to start the young horses and have missed only one year for the first 20 years. For the past few years Robyn and Mandy have taken over the training, but since we had a small group I decided to go alone this year and I had a “blast from the past.” It felt like a vacation, sharing my love of horses with an enthusiastic, dedicated small group of experienced horse women.

Homing Pigeon and Pigtails

Homing Pigeon and Pigtails

Anyone who loves good shopping should join me Sunday morning at the end of the Bitterroot training every year.


If you book a late afternoon flight we can make it for shopping. Its a 2 1/2 hour trip from the ranch to Jackson Hole but we could go early and get the shopping. Some of my best Italian shirts come from Jackson Hole.

This hat is one of my favorites from Jackson Hole, Wyoming and I bought it when I was shopping after a Bitterroot Training two years ago.

Beverly Caputo was at the horse training in Texas in November and we find we have a mutual appreciation for great hats.

From Beverly:  “As you requested, here is a photo of my happy face the day I found my Stetson at an auction. I hope it helps establish a two way (+) heart connection.  Love and Peace!!  Bevie”
Allowing the mares to hang out with us supports curiosity and develops Trust!

Allowing the mares to hang out with us supports curiosity and develops Trust!


This mare is obviously enjoying TTouch from Barbara

On the road with Julie, Kristin & Kristi

Please consider joining us for this training next year. It is intensive both in fun and learning.

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