The CA Equine and Animal Bodyworkers Right to Work Is in Danger: Act Now!

This petition was just forwarded to me in Germany from Richard Newton. Thank you Richard! 

September 10 is a pivotal day if you value your right to choose the type of therapy your animals receive. If you are an animal bodyworker, the outcome will directly affect your ability to do your job.

The California Veterinary Medical Board is proposing wording in the practice act that would take away CA Equine and animal bodyworkers right to work. This is also proposes taking away the companion animal and horse owner’s right to choose which therapy/therapist will work with their animal. But this does not just affect California. Legislators from all over the United States watch veterinary legislation carefully and often take the lead from California. Here is the California Veterinary Medical Board’s reasoning.

The letter below which explains what is going on.   September 10th is next meeting of the Board.

Proposed wording in regards to Animal Rehabilitation (AR) will make it illegal for you, the animal owner, to use your current animal body worker for your animal’s bodywork session unless they are a veterinarian or a vet tech or licensed physical therapist under the onsite supervision of a veterinarian. The proposed AR wording change places therapeutic massage as the practice of veterinary medicine. Those individuals who work as animal body workers or similar who are not vets, vet techs or licensed PTs will fall under “unlicensed activity” and will be subject to prosecution if found providing “therapeutic” massage sessions.

Not only does that remove your right to choose who you want to use for your animal, it effectively drives up your cost. In addition to the issues mentioned above, clinics who send out qualified RVTs or PTs to provide services (FES, shockwave etc) after the initial examination by the primary veterinarian will need to have a veterinarian accompany the staff if this wording is successful.

The California Veterinary Medical Board (VMB) explains their rationale here: For our objections please visit and click onto California Animal Owners Call to Action!:

Let the VMB know this proposed wording does not work for you! This is TIME SENSITIVE! Sign this petition, write letters to the VMB, share with all your animal friends and educate. If you can make it to the public hearing here is the information: September 10, 2015 at 9am at the office of the Board, located at 1747 N. Market Blvd., Suite 230, Sacramento, California, 95834. At the hearing, any interested person may present statements or arguments orally or in writing relevant to the action proposed.

A campaign and petition has been launched. If you have not seen it all ready, here it is: 

We need your assistance. Please take the time to forward this petition to your email contacts, your riding clubs, your breed associations etc.

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