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The Heart of Tellington TTouch®
TTouch with You and Your Dog
with founder Linda Tellington Jones


Rockville, Maryland.
Three-day workshop May 25 – 27
Six day session May 25 – 30

Come alone or with a dog.
Participants new to Tellington TTouch are welcome. 
Events count towards Practitioner Certification   
Dog Trainers: CCPDT CEU’s available
NCBTMB members earn CE’s

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For information about cost, registration, directions, logisticsaccommodation, etc., use links at right or contact local coordinator Advanced Practitioner Pam Wanveer by email or phone at: 240-274-2432
Read more below about Linda, the venue, and Washington, DC. All good reasons to attend!

A message from
Linda Tellington-Jones
“I am often asked how I stay so passionate and interested in every person and their dog.
“It’s because I love the transformation we see in the dogs, and I love teaching TTouch. I enjoy exploring ways to make learning fun and inspiring, using a 21st century concept of “experiential learning” and being guided by the issues of the dogs. My passion is sharing the wisdom of the cells and the merging of quantum science and spirituality as a key to the basic TTouch philosophy of “Change Your Mind & Change Your Dog”.

Tellington TTouch activates both hemispheres of our brain, activating logic, intuition and compassion. We will practice “Orca Breathing” and Heart Coherence, and discover the effect they have on the willingness of our dogs to focus, to listen and to learn. It is magnified by our use of techniques of Intent – visualizing the behavior, performance, health and relationship we desire.

We will be working with all aspects of the Tellington Method, including TTouch bodywork with focus on cellular intelligence and The Playground for Higher Learning. You will learn how you can “Change the Posture to Change Behavior” and I will focus on the Nine Elements for success with Tellington TTouch. You’ll take home the gifts of Ho’oponopono for yourself and the technique of Body Kinesiology to connect with and communicate with your dog.
You’ll learn the Body Blessing and the “Magic Three TTouches” for stress reduction and enhanced well-being. And I will be demonstrating the Lifewave pain and energy patches for you and for senior dogs.
I look forward to having you join me in Rockville for a transformative week of connecting with our companion animals in body, mind & spirit.
Aloha and Heart Hugs.” 

The Training Venue

The venue in Rockville, Maryland isYour Dog’s Friend – a non-profit dedicated to education and positive training. It is part of a magnificent network of dog educators and care-givers. We are delighted to be able to hold our trainings in such a supportive environment, and to contribute TTouch to the community.

Rockville is just outside Washington, DCso you might consider making a holiday of it and seeing some of those Washington sights you haven’t had the opportunity to visit. The Smithsonian Institution is the world’s largest museum and research complex. It is, as it says of itself, “seriously amazing”.

Your Dog’s Friend is in the suburbs, and anything you are likely to need can be found nearby.
Questions? Please feel free to email the TTouch office
if you have questions about what Linda will be teaching. Perhaps you have a special request. If this is your first session, you may have questions about what to expect. Do get in touch. 

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