The History of Ear TTouches

Linda and Bint Gulida - together we logged thousands of Endurance miles.

My last two blogs have described some of the amazing results of Ear TTouches for horses & people.  Here is how I first began using them.

I first applied ear slides in the case of colic in 1958; it was totally intuitive.  Many years later I was informed by a spectator at one of my demos at Equitana, Germany, that ear slides to helping a horse recover after hard work stemmed back to the 1600’s in England.   Apparently stage coach horses would have an “ear rub” before being fed a draught of beer to help them recover. The grooms and drivers would also drink the beer and that is why I have heard that beer used to be considered as a second class beverage. Of course, in modern times there are so many exotic brands that beer is no longer second class!

Since that first instance in colic in1958, when I brought my Arabian mare Bint Gulida out of shock by intuitively doing ear slides that ended a 4 day impaction, Ear TTouches has been successfully applied in emergencies for horses, dogs, cats and people.

As it happened, my vet, Dr. Santos, was standing by to put the mare down.  In those days colic surgery was not an option. I had asked for a few minutes to say goodbye and my hands had intuitively gone to the ears because they were ice cold and soaking wet with sweat. After about 30 minutes of quiet ear slides her ears warmed up, dried off and she lifted her tail and defecated and that was the end of the impaction.

It was 21 years later that I met Dr. Krueger in Southern Germany and learned why the ear slides work for colic or shock. Dr. Kruger had just returned from giving what was apparently the first seminar to veterinarians at a conference in Paris on the acupuncture points in the ear of horses.  That is how I learned that the Triple Heater Meridian that runs around the base of the ear, down the neck, across the shoulder and down to the feet, affects the respiratory, digestive and reproductive system.

We have hundreds of cases of animals, of many species, including humans, who have been brought out of shock with Ear TTouch.  Remember to keep it in your own “Tool Box” because you never know when the situation may arise that it will be useful.

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