The Miracle of Avignon

If you don’t believe in miracles perhaps this story will change your mind. It’s regarding the rescue of the 19-year old, curlyhaired dog named Buelle.

Buelle is a member of the Frédéric Pignon/Magali Delgado family who looks like she may have miniature poodle and terrier blood in her veins. She is deaf and does not see well and won’t let strangers touch her at all. On the day before the horse expo Fred and Magali returned home after midnight to discover that Buelle was missing.

They spent desperate hours searching for her, banging a pot that normally would attract her to supper, hoping that the vibration would reach her deaf ears as it sometimes did, but to no avail.

They were feeling heartsick over her loss, imagining her wandering alone in the dark, unable to find her way back. She had been showing beginning signs of dementia but had never before wandered away from the house or barn.

The following morning after frantic searching there was still no sign. They had to abandon the hunt, with a heart-sick feeling of fear that she was gone forever, in order to get to the Cheval Passion expo to greet their fans and waiting customers. I could fully empathize with their pain.

I felt as though I was experiencing flashbacks to the time I had lost our Scottie dog, Bonnie, many years ago when I was staying in Reken, Germany with Ursula Bruns. Bonnie had escaped, dragging her leash on the track of a deer in the nearby forest. I was terrified that she had either gotten the leash caught on a branch and was stuck, or would be shot by a hunter. Although that was 30 years ago I can still feel the terror when I had lain awake all night without a wink of sleep. Fortunately, that story had a happy ending when the following morning a farmer called to say he had found Bonnie and kept her overnight. Perhaps you can image my relief.

Magali had that same look of debilitating fear I remembered from Bonnie’s disappearance. When I first heard that Buelle was missing I fell into that same state of shock I had felt 30 years earlier. Some of the crew who knew Buelle thought she might have wandered off to die, but that made no sense since she is so connected to Magali and Fred.

However, because of her dementia, she may have wandered down the driveway wait to wait for them, lost her way because she can’t see, and just kept heading down the country road. I initially fell into a hand wringing, miserable state. But then I got control of myself and realized we must take a proactive stance to find Buelle.

I shared with Magali the principles I have been studying this past year from two books I have been reading and re-reading. The Power of Intention by Lynn McTaggart reminded me to call in guardian angels to protect
Buelle and hold the vision that she would be found alive. I felt better as soon as I began to think in this way.

The evening performance at Cheval Passion ended after 11pm, and after that there was a social gathering where the performers and their friends and helpers gathered in the main arena to chat, bunched up companionably like horses around a feed trough. The expo organizers generously provided wine, coke, apple juice and water, along with pizza and cake. I kept focusing on Buelle and the angels looking out for her the whole time we were standing around.

We didn’t arrive back to the farm of Magali’s parents, Joel and Pierro Delgado, until around two in the morning. I took a hot bath and suddenly realized instead of worrying and seeing Buelle as lost, which I was still doing, I began focusing on the principles from Gregg Braden’s book, Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer.

Hold the emotion we will feel when Buelle is back home safely! I focused on the feeling of gratitude, exhilarationand relief and went to bed sending this image to Magali.

Guess what! The next morning Magali and Fred arrived at the booth with a miraculous story. Buelle had been found! And she was safe and well. An elderly lady who was feeding ducks by a lake found her, more than two miles from home. Buelle was tottering and disoriented and the woman was incensed thinking that someone had dropped the dog off by the lake to die. She picked Buelle up – an absolute miracle in itself because no one but Magali and Fred could normally even touch her – and put her in the car. She had planned to take Buelle to a small animal shelter that Magali might never have found, but on the way decided the Buelle was in such bad shape she would drop her at a veterinary hospital instead.

I think those angels had a hand in that decision! The vet checked Buelle’s embedded identity chip, called Magali,
and that’s the happy ending of this story! I’m holding the intention that this poignant dog tale will encourage you to make a place on your bookshelf for this precious little book, Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer to have on hand the next time you need a miracle.

© 2010 – 2011, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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