The Next Online Book Club on June 22: The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Dear Book Club friends,

Elinor Silverstein and I are so pleased with the feedback we have been receiving from our last book club discussion with Dr. Allen Schoen on the subject of compassion.

We have not had the time to really consider the next books I usually recommend at the end of the call for our upcoming discussion on June 22.

The online book club resulted from a conversation had with Elinor last year. She was fascinated with the books by many visionaries that I read and reread on my iPad. She suggested I share some of the books that have been influential in my life and in the development of Tellington TTouch over the past 30 years.

c680509h534I chose the book, The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, because that book practically leapt into my hands off our bookshelf one night in 1968 when I was sitting alone in my kitchen, crying and feeling very sorry for myself. I was having marital troubles with my then-husband, Wentworth, and I was feeling like a victim. That very same husband – 20 years older than I- was a scholar and a very well educated man and I was blessed to have, in our home, a library of books that provided much wisdom to me during challenging times.

I opened the book randomly and the chapter that I chose has laid the foundation for a life that has encompassed much joy and pain. That chapter gave me a depth of joy that I would not have developed without the influence of that book. I wonder if you can guess which chapter shaped my life?

The Prophet is a remarkable book. Since it was published in 1923, it has never been out of print. It is published in more than 50 languages with an estimated tens of millions of copies sold and in spite of this has been ignored by the literary establishment of the west.

We are living in very difficult times. The 28 chapters – each only a few pages – speak to our modern times with wisdom that is timeless.

A few chapter titles: On Giving; On Freedom; On Pain; On Reason And Passion; On Sorrow And Joy; On Death; On Friendship – and much much more

If you already know and love this book I am hoping we will share some inspiring and uplifting experiences.

If you do not know this book I hope you will find some precious gifts among these pages of poetry.
Because I have been and will be on the road teaching for a while, I jumped the gun on recommending a second book, How We Live & Why We Die: The Secret Lives Of Cells by Lewis Wolpert, Professor Emeritus of Biology as Applied to Medicine At University College London. It is of great interest to me and to Elinor, but on second thought, I realize it’s a book for those who are smitten by the wisdom and brilliance of the 50 trillion cells that make up this universe we know as our body. Reading this book makes me feel like I can swim in the sea of cells that make up my body and drink of their wisdom.

If you have already ordered the book I suggest you put it under your pillow and merge yourself
In your sleep state. If you have not ordered the book perhaps the subtitle will lead you to some other way of connecting to your cellular brilliance, perhaps by learning the basic one-and-a-quarter Tellington TTouch Circle that enhances and supports cell function.

We hope you will join us on June 22 for our next book club. Watch for Elinor’s zoom invitation.

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