The Question of Euthanasia : Helping Animals Cross the Rainbow Bridge

Barbara Beck posted on my Tellington TTouch World Facebook site in reference to the Mugs blog and the question of euthanasia or a natural end-of-life. “It’s a beautiful story but leaves me with a huge question mark as to what you are trying to tell us?”
Dear Barbara, Thanks for your question. Jane was very sorry that she had listened to the advice of her vet to euthanize Mugs. She says she will never forget the look of shock on his face at the end.  She had the definite impression he was not suffering as others believed, and that he was indeed enjoying each day and the connection with her. I believe the message from the Mugs experience is to trust yourself and your feelings and your relationship with an animal who is on the journey to “changing addresses”( as the Hawaiian refer to end of life).

It’s a big subject. I have had several animals euthanized – a horse with burst blood vessel (an aneurism) in 1965 and another with extreme pain from a twisted gut when it was too late for surgery, in 1996. I would do that again in these situations. However, I believe our animals – because they live a much shorter lifespan – are here to teach us how to respect and support the last stages of life – and I am really listening deeply to the message of Dr. Ella Bittle’s There is much food for thought and new perspectives.
One of the greatest gifts I have received in my life was being with my Dad, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 93 years old. Roland and I were with him for the last 3 weeks in his own home with nursing and outside care-given support. We were with him for his last breath. I was an invaluable gift to be there to wish him bon voyage on that sacred journey. But then I totally believe that we, and our animals, are making a journey to Heaven in preparation for the next life.
I believe our animals can give us that gift. I have been listening to Ella Bittel on this subject since she gave her first presentation at our Tellington TTouch CELLebration conference in Phoenix in 2006. I had the privilege of presenting Tellington TTouch for support at end of life care at the 3rd annual Veterinary Conference on Animal Hospice at the University of California at the Davis, Campus in July. I am still in the learning process and pray that I will be home to help our Westie, Rayne over the Rainbow Bridge when it is time for her to go.
proofofheavenIn one of her many books on the after-life Sylvia Brown wrote (paraphrased as I remember her statement): “Of course animals go to Heaven. Otherwise I could not be there.” There are other books that show bible reference to animals going to Heaven and I intent to find some of the references. For anyone doubting the existence of an after-life, Raymond Moody Junior, Life After Life and Dr. Eben Alexander’s Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife, are must-reads.   I have experienced this crossing over in a meditation exercise I did in a week-long workshop with Joan Ocean leading us through a Robert Monroe “Soul Retrieval” workshop in 1997. It’s a very comforting feeling to know our animals will be waiting for us on the other side.

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