TTEAM Italy Scores! Congratulations Massimo & Silvia Da Re

Last year Massimo and Silvia Da Re were working with Susi Cottica, the deputy editor of “Mio Cavallo” and “Cavalli & Cavalieri” magazines regarding the publication of several articles on the Tellington Method, which they have translated. At one of the meetings in Verona they were introduced to Emanuele Anchisi, the President of LISE, the Italian League of Equestrian Sports.

LISE is a rather new association for the promotion of correct riding and respect for horses with zero tolerance for doping horses in competition. As a result of that meeting Massimo was invited to take the 2nd level examination for LISE national riding instructors.

His report on the examinations and resulting interest in TTEAM:

We were 10 candidates from all over Italy. On the first morning each of us had to ride an unknown horse and do flat work and jumping, and then give riding lessons to the others. This was followed in the afternoon by an oral exam. On the second morning we had to demonstrate our skill at building a show jumping course for different levels. In the afternoon we had the written exam and I had a huge, unexpected surprise. When the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) delegate arrived from Rome the president of the Italian League of Equestrian Sports (LISE) asked me to explain to everybody what TTEAM is, and asked me officially to be part, as TTEAM teacher, of their academy!

Their delegate was so enthusiastic about the idea that he wants to work to make the Tellington Method recognized by CONI (the Italian Olympic Federation), and be an official tool to teach horse riding and horsemanship in Italy!

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