TTouch and the Thundershirt Team Up to Calm Anxious Dogs on the 4th of July

With Tellington TTouch® on the ears we have been drastically reducing dogs’ fear of fireworks and thunder. It’s most effective to do two or three short TTouch sessions when your dog is not afraid and takes just a few minutes to acquaint your dog with the feeling of TTouch on the ears.

For fear of fireworks and thunder we have combined the Ear TTouches with a TTouch Body Wrap successfully for more than two decades. We now recommend the use of a Thunder Shirt. In extreme cases even putting the half wrap over the Thunder Shirt until the dog stops shaking can be helpful. For information on the Thundershirt go to It carries a money-back guarantee.

How to do Ear TTouch: Move the skin at the base of the ears gently in a circle and a quarter and slide your flattened thumbs from the base out to the tips of the ear. On dogs with hanging ears, do one ear at a time supporting the ear with one hand so you don’t pull down but rather slide out sideways from the base to the tip of the ear. Be gentle when your dog is not shaking, but a little firmer when the dog is in a state of fear. Keep the pressure light enough that is acceptable to your dog.

The Ear TTouch affects the Limbic System––the seat of the emotions that affect learning and may explain why dogs become less fearful as TTouch is applied over time.

Rayne in a body wrap, still scared

Here is Rayne just after I applied the body wrap. She is still afraid of the sounds around us.

Our Westie, Rayne, at 11 years of age, became so frightened (for the first time) when the firecrackers went off on our street on New Years Eve three years ago that I was concerned that she would break a tooth because her teeth were chattering so violently. Here she is just after I put a body wrap on her. She still feels afraid of the sounds around us. The teeth clacking stopped with the Ear TTouch but she still shook violently and her ears were back and her eyes had a look of terror.


I put a snug half-wrap around her body and she became very quiet. (This was before the ThunderShirts were available.) She jumped up on the couch and simply turned her head quietly in the direction of the fireworks for the rest of the evening. She has not been frightened during the subsequent New Year’s fireworks.

Rayne has settled down after a couple of minutes wearing the body wrap.

Rayne has settled down after a couple of minutes wearing the body wrap.

Here’s a lnk to a previous post on this very subject.  To see a short video of the Ear TTouch go to and view it on the YouTube page of our website. May you and your dog a marvelous Fourth of July celebration!

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