TTouch Canada Courses in French–English Translation

TTouch in French with Lucie Leclerc: TTouch Certification Program and TTouch Courses with International Instructor Lucie Leclerc

The Program
The TTouch Certification Program takes place over 36 days in the course of two and a half years, broken into twelve sessions of three days.
During their studies, students will work with different types of domestic animals, mainly dogs and cats. After the course, they will write case studies and work with shelter animal, and respond to the needs of clients under the supervision of the instructors.
Once certified, students are qualified to offer one-day classes and do demonstrations. After certification, TTouch practitioners must keep their certification up to date by assisting during TTouch trainings or by registering for advanced trainings.
For more information on the certification program or other TTouch courses, contact Lucie Leclerc by phone 819 578-6488 or email: You can also visit, and

If you would like to learn TTouch for your personal knowledge and the benefit of your pets but you are not interested in certification, it’s also possible to take one or two day courses given by practitioners in Montréal, Outaouais, Québec and Rive-Sud de Montréal. For more information email Lucie:

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