TTouch Experiences: Linda Hoover, PiT from Colorado Shares Hers

The following TTouch experience of Linda Hoover, Tellington TTouch PIT (Practitioner-in-Training) could inspire one of you to help yourself with TTouch the next time you have hip pain or any other pain. It’s really helpful to learn how much you can help yourself by applying the work we do for animals. We now have more than 2000 cases of the various ways TTouch can help people. It’s what everyone discovers when they attend a weekend or weeklong TTouch for You training. For more than 15 years we have been using body wraps for dogs, cats, horses and humans. We have had remarkable and unexplainable shifts in body awareness and relief from pain or lameness over the years. Here is one more example of the changes that can result from a TTouch body wrap.

My Hip Story


Linda Hoover TTouch PiT

As a (newly minted) TTouch Practitioner in Training for companion animals, I have witnessed first hand some of the wonderful things TTouch equipment and touches can do for animals. I’ve seen posture and gait change, I’ve seen shy, nervous, or reactive animals become calmer and more balanced. But last week at a class in Utah I experienced myself what TTouch can do. It was so profound that I really want to share it.

I’ve had trouble with my right hip all my life. I have a slight case of scoliosis, and my right leg is about a half inch longer than my left; my right hip is higher than my left. Most people wouldn’t notice it when I walk, but I am aware of it, and it periodically causes problems. At the extreme, upon occasion, my hip will go slightly out of joint with an audible POP. I must then pop it back in immediately, which I can do. Yoga has helped me with that. More commonly, as happened last week, something like sitting on a hard floor for too long can cause a real ache. I don’t know whether it gets out of place by a millimeter or two, or whether the arthritis that I have there flares up. But the result, over the past two and a half decades, is that when it happens I am in for not less than a week of unpleasantness. In the hip itself, it isn’t so much a sharp pain, as a relentless, ever-present grinding ache. It doesn’t matter whether I sit, stand, or lie down, nothing helps; it’s just that some things make it worse.

I had spent nearly an hour sitting cross-legged on the floor, as Debby Potts was showing us some things about working with various cats. When I started to stand up, I groaned inwardly, because I realized I had really blown it. It was only the second day of class, and I had just done something boneheaded that was going to interfere with my ability to work the rest of the week. Not to mention, I was going to be hurting, with no relief, for probably a week; and the two days driving home over the mountains were going to be miserable.

Over the course of the day it worsened, and I got little sleep that night. Even when I could doze off, if I moved at all, the ache woke me up. I got up the next morning limping, and really ticked off at myself. When I went to class, I asked Debby if she could wrap me. Having been wrapped in classes before, I knew it could be soothing, and in my mind that was what I was hoping for. Perhaps just some slight pressure against my hip might lessen the ache, it seemed.

It was a hectic day, with other groups sharing our space, so the morning passed before the opportunity arose. By then, my leg was going slightly numb, as usual. I hadn’t been able to sit much, and mostly kept moving around. If I did sit, I had to stretch the right leg out, and try to take pressure off the hip joint.

Debby started the wrap at my shoulders, checking to see which position I preferred and went around my torso and hips, then down the right leg. She asked if I wanted to stop below the knee, or go to the ankle. It seemed like a good idea to go all the way down, so that’s what she did. Then she asked if I wanted to do the left side also. Because of my yoga experience, I prefer to be balanced; what is done on one side is also done on the other. She concurred, based on her experience. So, with me wrapped me my feet, checking to be sure the wrap was comfortable. She asked me to walk around, or do whatever I needed to do, and she resumed class.

I walked up a couple steps, and down a hallway. Within seconds, I was stunned by the information that came flooding in. I immediately realized that I was barely bending that knee. The next thing that registered was that I was also not flexing my ankle and foot. I assume that I was instinctively trying to protect my hip from jolting with each step. But what was happening was that instead of the problem being JUST in my hip, it was now involving my whole leg. I went back and reported that. Even with fairly good body awareness from yoga, I had never picked up on that before. Debby was pleased, and told me to keep moving. I could then because of that increased awareness bring intentional movement to the knee, ankle, and foot, and, in so doing, the discomfort began to diminish, that rapidly. As it began to diminish, my walk became more normal.

I took the wrap off when we needed to go to another location to work with cats. When I walked into the building, I could feel my stride lengthening and becoming more normal, and the discomfort continued to lessen. I forgot something in the car and went back out to get it. Returning, there was about a 2′ drop from where we parked to the sidewalk, and without even thinking, just from the joy of less painful movement, I hopped down, instead of going around, as before, and trotted into the building. When I got inside, Debby was looking at me with a grin, and gently reminded me not to overdo it! I really didn’t even realize what I had done—I was just moving normally! I found myself moving more freely and energetically, as more time passed. We did take a picture of me in the wrap; my regret is that none of us thought to take a “before” picture, because I know my stance and posture had to have visibly changed. I never dreamed there would be a need for a “before” picture, because I didn’t expect a significant “after!”

Over the next few hours, I continued to wear the wrap off and on and she showed me how to do it for myself. That evening, we went out to eat, and sat on metal patio furniture. It wasn’t till the end of the evening that it even registered on my brain that I had, indeed, been sitting comfortably on a metal chair. Normally, on the day after a hip problem started, I’d have been hard-pressed to sit even on an upholstered chair for any length of time. That night, I slept soundly, and woke up feeling quite good. To my amazement, the ONLY indication of what had happened was a very small, specific, familiar tenderness on the side of the hip itself, and that was so minimal, I only mention it in contrast to what would normally have been a second miserable morning in a row. I kept moving all day, with only a minimal awareness of my hip.

Toward the end of the day, we were sitting outside on some flagstones, and after a while, I did have to stand up and flex my leg and shift my weight back and forth slightly. These are things I ‘m used to doing for relief, so it’s kind of automatic, but usually I’m trying to make an extreme ache go away (unsuccessfully), and in this case, I was just maintaining flexibility.

I had another great night’s sleep, and the next morning, to my utter astonishment, there was NO ache in my hip WHATSOEVER! This has NEVER happened in all my years of dealing with this. And, since I am now older than I have ever been, it would not naturally get better on its own; it should be taking longer to get over it. I have never gotten over an episode like this (from inital hurt, to all the aches ebbing away) in less than a week. It has taken longer, even. I just kept beaming from ear to ear every time I reported on my progress to Debby and the class. To quote some folks, “This stuff really works!”

Has this fixed what’s wrong with my hip? No, the structural issues are still there. However, when it happens in the future, I will be able to remedy it myself with wraps, and having it happen will no longer be a week-long sentence. And having experienced it myself really brings another dimension to my understanding of just what it is I can bring to the animals I work with. To know that I can genuinely make a difference, and know how it feels (not just head knowledge), has taken my concept of what it means for me to be a TTouch practitioner to a whole new level, and I am a better person (and practitioner) for it.

–Linda Hoover,


P.S.  You can see why I was so stunned by what happened with my hip when Debby wrapped me.  It was life-changing on several levels.  I been noting with interest that my hip has not gone out since, though there have been several situations where it normally would have (long trips in our truck, and other things).  The change has been more long lasting than I even anticipated. I will have to share that with Debby!

Also know that you can very often help yourself by applying Raccoon TTouches on the hip area as you walk, or as you are lying on your side in bed with your leg raised to parallel to the bed with a pillow. I have the same problem as you with a hip, and if I walk too fast my hip aches. I can TTouch the pain away in a couple of minutes with Raccoon TTouches. Try it any time you get a twinge and let me know how it is for you.

If any of you readers have self-help stories, I love to hear them. It’s how we know over the past 20 years just how much TTouch can help the two-leggeds.

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