TTouch for Horses with Edie Jane Eaton in Greensboro, NC

TTEAM clinic

Tellington TTouch® with horses
TTouch is a gentle method for improving behavior, performance and wellbeing, while enhancing the relationship between you and your horse.
What more could you ask for?

May 6-8, 2016

Greensboro, North Carolina  

Taught by

Edie Jane Eaton

International TTouch Instructor
and Feldenkrais Practitioner
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How can TTEAM help?

TTEAM helps horses by improving their self-awareness and diminishing their stress. This increases their physical ablilties – flexiblity and power –  and their confidence and focus. The result is a horse who can move better, think and learn better, and stay more healthy. Read Edie Jane’s description here.

What happens at a TTEAM clinic?

TTEAM clinics consist of a lot of hands-on experience, demonstrations and discussion of concepts and techniques. Emphasis is placed on observation and exploration of the difficulties presented by the horses at the training, with discussion and practice of appropriate ways to help these horses be successful.

In this clinic we may focus on a variety of interests: performance, behaviour, health – depending on the interest of the particpants. We will include TTEAM techniques of TTouch, including ways to support veterinary crises and care, groundwork in the “Playground of Higher Learning” and, depending upon the horses present, riding using TTEAM techniques and tack – or no tack at all!

Visit the Tellington TTouch Youtube channel to see what you can expect! (you’ll find some interesting videos with other species, too)


Who is Edie Jane Eaton?

Edie Jane has been teaching TTouch with horses and companion animals for thirty years, and has been a Feldenkrais Practitioner for twenty. Her specialty is blending the elements of both modalities, focusing on the processes of change, and paying attention. Her passion is having students appreciate how a huge change can follow from a very small action (less is more!) and learn how to achieve such effects themselves.

A message from Edie Jane:

“This clinic will be appropriate for newcomers to the work as well as for those with a lot of experience. You will have a great deal of hands-on experience even if you do not bring your own horse.
We will be covering TTouch bodywork and movement exercises, learning ways to use them in everyday activities with horses, or to improve specific performance or behavior issues. Participants with more clinics under their belts will be able to move forward using skills they already have. We will also address particular concerns of the participants and the horses that are there.
I trust you’ll plan to join us!
All the best,”
Edie Jane
Questions? Please feel free to email Edie Jane if you have questions about what she will be teaching. Perhaps you have a special request. If this is your first session, you may have questions about what to expect. Do get in touch. 
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