TTouch for You & Your Dog in Berlin: Changing Your Mind Changes Your Dog

TTouches around the face

More than 30 dogs of all breeds, shapes, sizes and ages brought their friends (of the human variety) on the other end of the leash to attend my “TTouch for You and Your Dog” seminar in Berlin, Germany, on March 17th. TTouch teacher, Katja Kraus (official trainer to the Princess of Dubai) did an outstanding job of organizing. She had 10 TTouch assistant spread among the participants giving tips, advice and helping with the various TTouches, wraps or head collars, and answering any questions that came up.

In spite of so many dogs, by the end of the day the scene was one of relaxed awareness, with many participants joining their dogs to lounge comfortably on the inviting green-carpeted floor.

TTouch for You paid off immediately for one participant in particular.  After I demonstrated the method we use to relieve shoulder pain by supporting the elbow of the right arm with your left hand so that your right hand can reach over your shoulder easily to do TTouch above the scapula on the left side, she reported a major reduction in pain level in her shoulder – this is after literally only moments of TTouch.

One of the veterinarians in the training was suffering with a 10 level of pain from a severe rash caused by a herpes virus outbreak and asked if I could TTouch her shoulder during the lunch break. I began by TTouching the opposite shoulder with the same gentle “Lying Leopard” using a 2 pressure and when that was very comfortable I moved to an area several inches away from the rash. That was good but the second I TTouched the rash area, with the lightest possible contact using a “Baby Orangutan” TTouch, the pain flared; so I continued to work down the arm away from the shoulder for about 10 minutes, than slowly went back up and placed the back of my fingers (still using “Baby Orangutan”) with a 1 pressure.  Rather than moving the skin, I did a tiny rolling motion of my wrist with a 1 pressure and 2 tempo. This was totally acceptable and after about 2 minutes of this the pain suddenly reduced in the whole rash area to a 2 level pain and stayed that way for the rest of the afternoon. It was very rewarding for both of us! Although such success is totally common with TTouch, I never take it for granted, and it leaves me with a deep sense of gratitude for Divine Spirit and the Magical function of TTouch.

I worked with a lovely Golden Retriever, lame from shoulder joint pain caused by Lyme Disease. He is being treated with anitbiotics but his human felt he that he was still experiencing a lot of pain. I was uncertain whether he would accept TTouch because of the sensitivity from the Lyme Disease, however he loved it and I was able to work very gently directly on the shoulder with the “Lying Abalone” TTouch (A combination of the warmth of my palm and gentle movement of my fingers) with a 2 pressure and 2 tempo and he moved more freely after I finished. We decided to see if a half wrap would be helpful but he was not impressed; however the Thundershirt did seem to calm him.  I was wishing we had one of the new TTouch logo “Thundershirts” that will be available in green since it is a healing color.

One of the most memorable dogs from the day was a small fox-like female who had been rescued from the Canary Islands.  She was described as very fearful and her person proceeded to tell me the difficulties she’d had in the past. I asked her to stop the story and consider how lucky the dog is to have found a new home and to concentrate on that picture.

My concept of “Change Your Mind, Change Your Dog” means letting go of the past and giving thanks for the present. Every time you tell the story of a sad past, you feel bad and the dog picks up the emotion. That’s not good for us or good for the dog. It’s hard to change that hang-dog attitude if we’re always feeling the sadness and yet, changing our minds and letting go of old stories is one of the most challenging keys to influencing behavior.

During the wrap-up several participants commented that my advice to “Put your heart in your hands when you place your hands on your animals” was one of the most inspiring lessons of the day; great advice for all of us to remember anytime we interact with any of our animal companions.

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